Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What?!? 1018!! Your kidding me!!

Yup that’s right I found my old camera. The one I know that the girls ran off with but of course denied.

I know this for sure now because guess where I found it… Did you guess?

In their room, buried in the closet. Underneath all the “toys dat dey don’t wants no mores.” Yeah words from them after I convinced them we needed had to purge some of the blanket of crap toys they don’t play with let alone touch that was covering their floor. I’m proud to say they were happy to give up two whole garbage bags full of toys to get to pick an extra item each from our “wonder closet” or “closet o’ wonder” as we call it.

These girls are so spoiled rotten so of course when holidays and birthdays come around what we can snag and hide in there or things that at the time are to old for them we do. It may sound like we are mean however when we have four family Christmas parties and the expansive family we have for birthday’s they don’t seem to miss one, two, or a few more presents disappearing. I’m sure they will eventually notice but for now it works and makes days like this where it’s time to rid of the old and I can bribe convince them that they do this they get a new toy, it works wonders (hence the name.) Plus it’s a saver in so many ways. First I don’t have to go buy something new, or I don’t have to have them whining they have nothing to do. The best part of it though, if it’s been a rough day a visit to the toy aisle in our house generally makes that day have a brand new tune. I do buy some things if it’s a great deal that you just would be a fool not to get to put in there too. For example I found paint by number sets on clearance for a buck one time when a store was closing when the girls were barely two. These definitely came in handy the other day when of course since we live in the rainforest now.

Anyway onto the point (catching myself spewing crap once again.) So I pick up the camera and both girls have that deer in the headlight look.

“Not me!!” I hear in surround sound.

The battery door is busted off and no batteries to be found which wasn’t a surprise. However what was is that the card was still in it!!! So I get my other camera and hook it up to the puter and to my amazement 1018 PICTURES!! I’m like holy crap!! I know I couldn’t have taken that many… or could I have. I do tend to click, click, and click some more. But come on I know I didn’t take that many. So as we speak it’s loading…

and loading…

and loading…

crap this might take all night…

It’s been an hour and only 300+ is loaded. Will my computer take them all?

Hmmmm well what I’ve seen in the beginning is pictures from almost 4 years ago!! Yeah the first ever time we had the girls with us!! My family and Gary’s threw him a “Toddler Shower.” Best part was it was a total surprise for him. I managed to convince the girls mom to let us have them for a few hours. That his family was planning this to get him what we needed to have the girls in our home. It was early winter and we held it at what we call the Sportsman’s Club here in our little town. It’s a common building people can rent to use and has a range out back. Anyway the play was that my sis called me telling me that there was an indoor yard sale there to come check out, tons of girls stuff. So of course he bit hook, line, and sinker. We get there and we are heading in when he starts recognizing cars. Darn it but up till then he totally believed. SO instantly its “what on earth is going on!!” I just kept walking and in we went to a mountain of presents. Someone even bought us two toddler beds. He wasn’t the only one overwhelmed.

So now that the card has finished loading it gets to the end and… Only 323 pictures survived all the rest had errors, oh wait check that some had errors. With so many pictures the batteries died around 400 something.
This really will take all night. OK new batteries in and round two begins.

Oh well who knows what the error ones were but finding these pictures were a blessing anyway. I’ll have to share them with you soon.

Here is one for now… They were watching the doggies in the snow. Back when QueenB had Hair and Toughie didn’t. My oh my has that changed now. Toughie has a mound on her head and QueenB has just enough.

So with that I’m not staying up any longer I’ll have to show and tell you later what all I found.


purseblogger said...

Oh this is hilarious! It's so funny what we find in our kids rooms. Their denial makes it even better. My kids are so spoiled too. So many toys they never ever use. Good luck uploading the rest of your pics. :)

The Drama Mama said...

Wow that's a lot of pictures!! I can't wait to see more.

From Tracie said...

Such a great picture! I'm glad that you were able to recover some of them...what a blessing.

CountessLaurie said...

Hurray for suprises! I love when I find pictures I forgot about. Hopefully by now you are done downloading... share more please!

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