Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Traditions

Over the last 5 years our Thanksgiving traditions have changed drastically.

Growing up as a child my Mom’s side of the family would all gather in my grandparents house that I now currently live in. Well this house was built in the 1890’s best we can figure. It is not a big house at all. So when we had oh about 10 to 15 or more adults and about 10 kids all here when we were little it was great. All us kids would pack around card tables in the living room adults in the dining room.

Well as we all grew up, the kids that is. For some reason the living room shrank. We no longer could fit at the tables with chairs and we expanded from that to a few tables and sitting on the actual furniture. From then it went to adding more to our family. This resulted to one year that my dad, my sis, a few others, and I ate our meals on the porch. Now think about this, end of November in Northern Michigan, generally means that white crap is falling from the sky. Needless to say we ate our meals that year really really fast.

Then things changed. Changed drastically. That following turn of the year my grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer. Then it turned into brain cancer and was given 6 months. Well if you knew my grandpa he was rather stubborn. He looked at that doctor and told him “NO I will see my first great grandson born.” Now my sis had just found out she was expecting. Absolutely no way she knew what she was having yet but grandpa was adamant it was going to be a boy. So 6 months went by and in fact my sis had my first nephew in September, Labor Day in fact. We then had a very small Thanksgiving that year. Just gpa, gma, my parents, sisters, our significant others, and of course the baby! It wasn’t until the following July that my grandfather passed.

So that following year again it was just us. Plus it was also the last year my gma would be the one cooking. I so miss her cooking. Anything you wanted she would instantly whip it up. Or send you to the store so you could get the ingredients and then would make it with you. I so miss her hot sauce, doughnuts, sugar and molasses cookies, pies, oh so many things to list. I’d have to say we were spoiled rotten with her as a gma.

That next year my gma was real sick. Barely made it home in time for Thanksgiving which now inevitably ended up at my sisters house. When you have a big house guess who gets nominated. Sorry sis. All in all she did an awesome job cooking and gma was there and so proud of her.

Then last year was a very rough one. Gma had passed in February to cancer as well. So when the holidays came it was a major blow. We got through it together. It was rough and some of us dealt with it better than others, but we were there for each other. It wasn’t until this summer that we have finally laid her ashes to rest with gpa. I’m sure this holiday will be rough at times, however I’m sure we will make it.

Now that our family is growing it’s time to carry on old and make new traditions. We still get together at sis’s house. She does most of the cooking, with help from gma above I know it. Since my first nephew she has had two more. Plus we have the girls. So eventually our family will grow huge again, with many stories and traditions to carry on as well. The nice thing is her house will hold a lot more.

The ironic thing is that I’m sitting here writing this post just about to finish and send it off for you to see and listening to the radio and what do I hear. My mother’s voice. Requesting to hear the song If Heaven by Andy Griggs in remembrance of my grandparents. Talk about mysterious timing. Things like that are how I know they are watching over us. So as I wipe away a tear from my eye, gather myself, it’s time to round the girls and head to eat the glorious feast my sis has prepared.

I wish all of you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving. Cherish your family, friends, time, and traditions. You never know when things will change. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When Hubby's Cook.....

So the other night I got a real treat. The hubby decided to fix dinner. So nice of him. He made one of the few things he can make, spaghetti.

Now my hubby is the stereotypical bachelor type cook. You know the few easy things that they can make that eventually need very little if any at all combustible action to finish. Like mac n’ cheese, scrambled eggs, ramen, and of course you can’t forget the grilled cheese sandwiches. Plus anything they can throw in a microwave or no big hassle in the oven.

So now it’s November and that of course means venison. The hubby’s absolute favorite meal of all I really do believe. He cherishes hunting season so much that it is the only time of year he takes a vacation. Welcome to living in Northern Michigan.

So I come home to him telling me he wants venison steaks for dinner last night. So okay I get it all out get it all started. He decides he is going to offer to help me. HA yeah right!! Flashes from last year fly through my mind.

Coming home to so many cars stopped on the main road in front of my house. I mean main road in the terms of our house is about 20 ft from the curb of a major highway. No one going anywhere all just staring at the house. Fire trucks everywhere, lights flashing, firefighters running all over. People standing and gawking at my house, pure, total, and absolute mass chaos.
Ok OK! So I’m exaggerating it wasn’t that BAD. Nothing like that at all in fact just my imagination.

Last year however he did try to cook some steaks. I did come home to smoke filling my whole kitchen and lots of that horrid burnt smell filling my home. Lasted for days after, just as if the house really did catch on fire.

So of course I’m like “OH NO! I got it dear, we don’t need a repeat.” He just grins.

So I finish cooking we enjoy our meal and today I’m so thankful that my hubby wants to help me. That he will cook things he know he can. That he will offer to help, even though he knows he has no idea how to do it. Plus most of all that we still have a house and the hubby hasn’t decided to try to cook anything new since then. Sometimes I wish he would venture yet I cherish our house/home more. : )

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fear & Believing in Ourselves!

The Secret To Confidence Is Preparation

With practice you'll come to a point of competence.You'll find yourself accomplishing your goals gracefully and confidently.

It's then that you'll do things that you never dreamed you could do.You'll discover powers you never knew existed.If you're prepared, you're able to feel confident.

There can be no great courage when there is no confidence or assurance.Half the battle is in the conviction that you can accomplish what you undertake.

Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere. It's the result of constant work and dedication.

© 2009

I love these Daily Motivations. I post them for the most part every day on my Facebook & Myspace and people love them. I find this one so intriguing as it correlates with a video training I recently watched.

If we are not prepared, or we do not believe in something, we will never reach the success we want. We not only have to believe in ourselves, visualize what we want, but truly believe that what we want we will receive. If we don’t have the belief or courage to try something new we will never get there.

I recently asked everyone what makes them so afraid to try something new. Almost all of them replied it’s the fear of failing. So it results in they don’t have the belief in the beginning, if they are already thinking failure they will not make it. If your so afraid of the failing result you will not attempt anything new. If you don’t try new things your never going to know what you missed, if you would have succeeded, or who you could have helped or impacted by just taking that first step. That first belief that you can do what you set your mind too.

We are all capable of accomplishing and receiving what we want in life. We all have the potential to become and receive our wildest dreams. Now I’m not talking unrealistic things like I want to be Donald Trump. However if you believe that you can have his success. You match that with the time, the effort, the belief, the confidence, the determination. YOU CAN HAVE IT! You can be like Trump, Oprah, Tyra, anyone you dream to be. As successful if not more than with just the simple faith and trust in yourself. Your heart is your truest source of Motivation. Once it’s set in your heart your mind will follow.

We all have the potential to do or get what we want out of life it just takes a little work, a first step. We take our belief, our potential, our skills, and take action we will get the results we want. You want to climb Mt. Everest. Train for it, learn all you can, BELIEVE you will climb it and surprise your self and go for it! If you want a brand new car believe you will get it. Keep at what your doing or add to it. Figure out what you have to do, what you have to believe in, what may need to change, and plan for it. Believe in yourself that you can and will and before you know it that new car will be yours.

Now I’m by no means saying that you start believing in yourself today you will see results tomorrow. You may in some small tasks like cleaning house, the yard, homework, or that next test. However start taking that first step. Take that leap or jump. Believe in yourself. Trust your heart. Follow your dreams and make them happen. Good Luck and I wish you the best!

Always Be Prepared For Success

There is no shortage of opportunity.Everyday you are presented with countless chances to be, or do whatever you desire.

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.Don't miss out on an opportunity because you're not prepared.Your preparation is absolutely essential.

To achieve success, you must have self discipline.You must increase your knowledge and develop your skills.

You're always in the right place at the right time when you're prepared.

© 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Sis, what was she thinking!

So not only am I embarking on furthering my education and becoming and EMT. My Sis is taking online college classes as well. So in one class she has to give these speeches. Now that isn’t the problem. The problem has been getting 5 adults together at the same times to be able to video tape the speech with 5 adult heads in the picture. Ummm Hello Teacher we all have lives. So it took three days of trying and eventually she did her speech with 5 heads in the shot and mailed it off. Check that off the list.

Then next was her math. They call it beginning algebra. YEAH RIGHT!! I haven’t done that algebra since I was in 8th grade what was she thinking that I could help. So last night we sit down to try and figure it all out. At least she can take the quiz up to three times. The first time she failed, we will see how this go around comes out. So here we sit to grown woman being stumped speechless with just one problem and we have twenty-seven more to go. Going to be a long evening. We racked our brains, wrote out problems till our hands hurt, and eventually resulted to an “educated” guess on a few if that’s what you could call our answers. We submitted the quiz and well, not what she wanted but almost double what she got the first time.

So she then decides to inform me she has a twenty question exam that has to be done by midnight tonight. Plus if she wants to take the quiz over one more time then it has to be tonight too. So I bring home her book to look over and see if I can figure out how to do the problems we missed. I’m sitting here this morning dreading the fact I agreed to come back and help her through it all over again. The plus side I think I figured out what we were doing wrong.

Now I’m definitely sure that when it comes time I need to practice things from my class on someone, she will definitely be the victim. : ) I plan on duct taping her to the back board and everything! HA HA HA Oh the paybacks are going to be endless I’m already sure and we haven’t even started today.

Good thing I decided to write now too, instead of when I returned home with a brain of goo and a slight twitch. *twitch* “Come on girls lets get going.” *twitch* Oh no it’s starting already. *sigh* Oh well the things we do for family.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th, Lucky for me how about you?

Oh the elusive Friday the 13th is upon us!

I googled "why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky?". Many articles popped up about 116,000 it said. So I read a few as to why so many people have come to believe it is an unlucky day or date. However I was surprised in most of them that right off they state that many believe it to be a very lucky day too especially the Chinese. I fall into that category, not the Chinese the believe it‘s lucky just incase you might have been confused. : ) I've always had a great day when it was Ft13th. Especially when it falls the day after my bday.

So as I read on it seemed to be that there is no "proof" scientific or otherwise to prove why this day is considered so evil. There is always one a year and as many as three. One site had a whole table as to when and how they figure it out and how it happens in the leap year and WOW way to much to absorb at 8 am with kids running all over and no caffeine yet. “Oh coffee where are you…”

Next there are those that are Paraskevidekatriaphobics — people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Ft13th — who have either positively or negatively effected the studies and research they have done. No one can actually pinpoint a determination as to when the fear started either. They have several theories as to when and how it evolved but no exact date or even year. However there are times where they can point out reason’s why people have become so afraid.

On one site they stated that the British Medical Journal’s study of Ft13th on your health was that less people were on the road yet more people were seriously injured if they were in an accident. So their conclusion was, "Friday 13th is unlucky for some. The risk of hospital admission as a result of a transport accident may be increased by as much as 52 percent. Staying at home is recommended."

WHAT?! Stay home, that’s not going to happen here. I have so much crap to do I can’t afford to let that get in my way. For example today I have a list of at least 4 places I have to go to in town. That’s a 20 minute drive there then all over town and the 20 minute drive back. If I let that get in my way I’d be so far behind come Monday. Now if you’re a mom being behind is no fun at all. It’s bad enough to try and figure it out to schedule everything in one day. There is the loading the kids, unloading the kids, buckling seatbelts 400 times, pee breaks every ten minutes. Heaven forbid you go into a store that they like stuff then it’s the “I want” “I need” “PUUHHHLLLEEEEZZZEEEE!!” Followed by the pouts and tears when you say no. Or the haven’t had a nap, got up early, you’ve dragged me around town, it’s now 4 pm, full blown tantrum that gets you the evil looks and whispers as you grab them drop everything else and head to the bathroom if you think you can save it but most likely the car. So now you didn’t get that task done, got to reschedule. The list is never-ending. So in a few we will set off to town to see if my Ft13th will stay lucky/good day for me or if the girls will prove me wrong and make it one of those days where everyone gives us those looks and when I get home I’m now laying on the floor with all my hair pulled out drooling incoherent and twitching…

My favorite site I read this morning on Ft13th

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Birthday Present!!!

So here it is. My Birthday! Another year gone and another to set off on new adventures. Most people set new year’s resolutions, well not me I set birthday goals. I have things set in my mind that I want to accomplish before then. That will probably be another post. This one is all about what I got for my present this year.

Yesterday Daddy and his brother (Kit I’ll call him : ) an acronym for him and only I know why) were here to install my dish washer. Now the house we live in was my grandmother’s. It is well over a hundred years old. So of course It’s not like there was a place to put it in. So the spot we picked we don’t hardly use the drawers they just contain junk. Amazing how we all have a junk drawer. Then the cupboard was full of all of my grandma’s stuff I still haven’t put anywhere or gotten rid of. Plus the floors in this place are so unlevel. Can't have anything on wheels it's like riding a rollercoaster through the house! Well maybe not that bad but you get the idea. So here is the spot.

Next Kit cut it all out.
No turning back now!

Then next was the plumbing… All I have to say is good thing we were doing this because apparently our drain was leaking so it all had to be replaced! Here it is our brand new plumbing! LOL Daddy wasn’t happy it cost us more money. OOPS but still what’s he crying about, that little money just saved us a whole LOT of money later, right? So eventually after running out to my parents farm to get a part for something and a trip to Menard’s for the plumbing parts it was finally in. Including water being sprayed all over at one point. "Hey Kit ya can't turn on the sink when a hose is undone!!" Here's the new plumbing see...

And then it was in!!!

Now all that’s left is to make a little shelf next to it and frame it all in. But after Daddy and Kit both worked the night before took a nap and then installed my dishwasher. As long as it works, and I can use it I can wait for cosmetics! Now where to put the mountain of stuff that came out of there. Hmmmm....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

School bus policy??

So my sister is feuding with the school bus system right now. My nephew, whom I call Booger, goes to school every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon. He rides the bus in the mornings and then only on the Friday drop off.

So here is the dilemma. My Sis in the morning gets 5 yr old Booger around for school and shortly before the bus comes she has two kids dropped off she watches. So she now has 5 kids 5 and under in her house and only her. She will have the other kids in her living room with the window open, if they aren’t sleeping, and her and Booger will go out the door. She will stand by the window and watch as he goes down the driveway. Mind you a very long driveway, well not that long but long enough. I’d say maybe football field length.

Well the other day he is half way down the driveway and the bus fly’s on by. Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t look. Nothing. She calls the bus garage and all they told her well if he wasn’t by the road then they don’t have to stop. WTF can that be right?!? I mean what about the middle of a snow storm? What about if he is standing there, but behind the tree so he just happened to not see him? When I went to school the bus stopped honked and looked at the house if they didn’t see us then they went. Have things changed that much? So the bus ended up picking him up on the way back which was about 30 minutes later said they wouldn’t do it again.

So second part was yesterday again my Sis is home with 4 kids and when she saw it was about the time for the bus to bring Booger home she got up to open the window and the bus is flying away! WTF he’s early she then calls the bus garage and asks “why did the bus just go right by my house?”

Lady replies “well the driver said no one was out there”

My Sis is irate now “He didn’t give me time to get out the door, he just flew on by! I can’t just be standing out there everyday I have these kids in here, can’t leave them, isn’t he suppose to stop and look?”

“Well I can understand you can’t leave the other kids but school policy we can’t leave kids alone either”

My Sis says “ I understand that policy it’s a good one but still he didn’t stop he”

Lady interrupts her “yes he did”

Now my sis is pissed “No he didn’t!! This is ridiculous! I can’t be out at that road waiting and leave all these kids in here! These issues need to stop! He has to stop and give me at least 15 seconds to go to the door and wave or something.”

“Ma’am I I I well he does stop I’m not aware of your other issues and”

My Sis now cuts her off “well whatever HE better come back and drop off my son!”

“He does drive back by there at about ten to four”

“Ok fine someone will be down there”

She hangs up and calls me. So I get to her house I’m standing at the end of the driveway.

It’s ten to four….then five to….now four.

My other sister, Sissy we will call her. Pulls in wonders what’s up. I fill her in the short version. She gets mad now, I find out later she witnessed the other morning thing. So she takes off down the road on her bike. (yes she is crazy its 40 degrees out and she won’t give up riding quite yet she is probably paying for that ride today) Anyway she goes about three miles or so down the road and finally see’s the bus. So she comes back.

So finally at five after four he pulls up.

Booger is home, no tears shed, as far as we know.

So fifteen minutes, let alone the 5 min walk down and back, the “school” is wanting her to leave the other kids in the house ALONE because she HAS to be at the end of the driveway so the bus driver can SEE her to drop Booger off. That’s absurd!

Why can’t he stop and look up the drive to see her? Oh right time. Is that it, he doesn’t have the time to stop? Oh wait isn’t that his job to stop and let the kids off or does he just open the door and kick them out at the parents as he fly’s by. Here catch your kid!

When I was a kid we were let off at home no matter what. They didn’t check to see if anyone was there it was here you go have a nice night see you tomorrow or whatever. So have the school’s gone way to over board on some of the policies or are the way they are enforcing them is the problem.

Tell me what’s your opinion? What does your school allow? What about when you were a kid? I’d like to know your perspective.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Daddy wants me to be blonde!

When I was born, I was a blonde. As a child my hair started turning red, more a strawberry blonde but still going red. I look like, well been told I’m the spitting image of my Grandma my Dad’s Mom when she was my age. When I got in high school I eventually dyed it red. To this day I still keep it red. For well over 10 years I’ve dyed it at least once a year. With my hair having the natural reds in it I don’t have to maintain it that often. Which with my life is a great relief!

So on to the point Daddy wants me to go blonde. Not just blonde he says the bleach, bright, neon, blind you in the sun blonde!

First of all this in not a knock on blondes, If you are a blonde I mean no offense. My sisters and a few of my good friends are blonde.

Now me a blonde, I say oh HE** NO! I haven’t been since I was like 10 or maybe 12. In school I was a 4.0 student. Absolutely hated the blonde stereotype. Hence finally just dying it one color. Now the first try was by no means a red head it was more like purple! Hilarious at first I really loved it. Of course I was in the rebellious age of my life too. My Mother HATED it. My work was done.

Then my senior year my Mom paid big money to strip and get my hair back to what she called my “natural” blonde color. Wait it’s been years since I was blond how do you remember that color? Anyway I had to wait two weeks for the time honored tradition of senior pictures. For two weeks my hair was back to “normal” my Mom called it. As soon as them pics were done back to “my normal” I was. My Mom was irate! “What if we need retakes?” “Why didn’t you wait till the proofs come back!” “Samantha Mae!” when the middle name was yelled I knew I was in trouble. What could I do I just shrugged and said “They will be fine” Mean while I was praying to all holy heaven every moment of everyday till them proofs came back. Needless to say I’m still alive.
So on to Daddy. He has been hounding me for months to go blonde. Now when I ask why all I get is the usual male answer “I don’t know” or “because I want to see you blonde.” Hello I have pics of me blonde what more do your need!

So we are sitting in the living room one night and watching his favorite show DOG the bounty hunter, when it hit me. HE WANTS ME TO LOOK LIKE BETH! I jump up “NO way!”

He was shocked “what?”

“I get it! I finally figured it out! You want me to look like Beth!” As I’m frantically pointing at the TV, and mad at myself for taking so long to figure this out.

He just grins and tries to lie, “No, what… what are you talking about?”

“Blonde, Bleach Blonde like Beth. That’s why you want me to be blonde!”

He just laughs and tries to hide that that is the reason. I knew Daddy had a crush on Beth, but the nerve to want me to change to look like her WTF! Needless to say now it’s a game to me. I tell him oh sure I’ll dye my hair blonde when you get the body of DOG!

So of course here we are him no closer to the body of DOG and me never going to be blonde again. Besides my fiery, outspoken, too smart for my own good, in your face personality does not fit a blonde!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Toys..... or the box....

It amazes me how much stuff we accumulate over the years of our life. Right now I’m trying to sort through stuff to pack away, or get rid of. Daddy has brought me home some boxes to accomplish this mission. Hard part is I have no problem throwing stuff in the boxes, girls are getting good at it too. However Daddy for some reason is a pack rat rather attached to some a lot of his things.

The girls have so much stuff we could supply a small country with toys. Well maybe not that many but it sure seems like it. See the girls have a rather huge extended family, and not many kids their age. When Christmas or their Birthday comes around they get sooo much stuff. Sometimes I think we need a storage shed just for presents after Christmas. That doesn’t include the stuff that the grandparents just buy them or the girls manage to manipulate and con out of them. For some reason it is programmed in the grandparents to never say no to their innocent little grandchildren when they ask for something. But hey who passes up free daycare, so Daddy and I get time alone YAY!!

Anyway the girls open most of their toys after the holidays but we do put some new stuff away. That way when I get the days where “I’m bored”, “What can we do”, “There’s nothing to do” come whining from their mouths I have a plan of attack. The girls go pick out some toys, I try to make it more than we are getting out, to give away or throw away depending on how well “used” they are. Once they are boxed up we go to the new stuff and pick out two or three things.

So it ends up being Christmas all over again to them. Plus the bonus I now have a few hours most times to have no distractions and get stuff done. (ie on the computer, but don’t tell Daddy *wink wink*)

So now yesterday I got to thinking the girls hadn’t pulled their whining in awhile. Don’t get me wrong I was very happy about that. Still we hadn’t been in the “New Stuff” closet in quite some time. The girls had been good so far today so I figured the melt down was soon to occur. I went to find the girls to see if they wanted to get in the closet and this is what I found in their room…

No wonder it had been a good day!!!!

Forget the toys, forget the park, forget everything! Just give us a box big enough to fit in! They spent hours playing in those boxes all day yesterday, and actually today now too. This has been the most peaceful couple days in I can’t remember how long. I guess if the closet runs out of toys, which I’m sure it won’t, all I have to do is get Daddy to bring home some more boxes.

I’ve heard them driving bus, fire trucks (apparently sirens came on the box and were loud!). They have made them an animal shelter complete with every possible stuffed animal they could shove in, glad they have somewhere to be now. Today now the boxes are back to being the fire truck and ambulance and are on their way to go help Daddy. (Daddy is at a live burn training which we are going to later)

So now I guess I go try to pry them away from their fire trucks so we can go see Daddy and his. I’m pretty sure when I mention Daddy and the fire guys I’m the one going to have trouble catching up to get them ready.

Let the excitement begin, “OOOHHHH Girls!!!!”

Friday, November 6, 2009

Who does Mornings?!

I don’t do mornings!

Never have probably never will. I worked graves for close to three and a half years and loved that time of my life. My hubby still does and for him it’s nothing to switch from graves to day shift and back. Unfair if you ask me. But working graves and having a family don’t mix.

Kid’s who knew they could throw off your day so much. Why can’t we program them? “Hey where’s the manual for these things? They need to be reprogrammed! Who ever said they could be morning people… UGH NOT me!!" Where's that receipt....

They are so their Daddy’s girls. QueenB definitely she is up at the butt crack of dawn, so I guess maybe that makes her Papa’s girl (he’s a farmer up early you know). Toughie on the other hand switches back and forth, some days she is up bright and early like 6 am ( I think its QueenB’s fault) other days she is in bed with me till at least 7 on school days and as late as we CAN on non school days. All depends on how long Daddy and QueenB want to let us sleep in. So what if your up leave us alone! Can I return the hubby too?

Whoever said the early bird gets the worm, well they can have it why do I need fish bait? But then it also goes, “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. ~Author Unknown” I must be the second mouse.

Then “Good things come to those who wait” Yes that’s me!!! I’ve finally figured it out. I’m just waiting for the good things. That’s my excuse now.

“Hey DOCTOR!! My caffeine drip is empty!” Oh wait I’m the only one here. My favorite caffeine transport vessel of Mt. Dew is out of stock, “someone go to the store.” Oh wait that’s my job. OOOPS

Well it is cold out now, I guess I could switch. Lower the standards and pull out the Maxwell House. Has to be MH, the hubby will not drink anything else. Why, who knows but I think our home alone keeps Dew and MH in business. “Hey dog, can you reach the sink?” she sits here staring at me like I’m growing another head. Oh and yes I do talk to my dogs, it’s when they talk back I know I’m in for a long day. “OK OK I get it! Guess I better do it, or this day will never get going.”

So after my IV and the functioning has commenced I do accomplish quite a bit. Surprisingly for how much of the day goes by in my staggering sleep deprived stupor. How I get everything around in the morning has to be by shear will and routine. Course a lot has to do with the preparation the night before only because what else can I do late at night than prepare for the next day.

Which brings me on to there is nothing to do at night, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You see about 11p or 12a is when you think to yourself this being a night owl kind of sucks. Especially in my neck of the woods where everything closes up around 7 pm. Well no more like 10 or 11 but still feels like 7. Plus heaven forbid you turn on that TV after the news at 11 what do you have to look forward to, talk shows, weird things no one should be watching, and you can’t forget utterly the best thing in the whole entire world INFOMERCIALS! (sense the sarcasm??)

Yes the ones where you watch and think, “who would buy that!?” or “It does what?” as your twisting your head upside down “and how?” Then for some strange not from this planet reason all of a sudden your “I have to have one of them!!” Only for it to get to your house and join the shelf, the cupboard, the store room, of all the things you only use once a year or have only used once period.

I started this post as a rant against mornings. How I’m addicted to caffeine. Then funny how it ended as how the whole day culminates in to a twilight zone experience only because

I don’t do Mornings!

“Darn it the IV is empty again, Time for a refill!!”

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The chaotic flood gates have opened!

Here I sit attempting to read my assignment from the first night of class....

Yes homework the very first night... and I wanted to do this why?? Suddenly high school flashbacks are zooming through my head. Not like I don’t have enough spinning around in there already. *sigh*

Ohhhh ‘cuz I love my hubby!! That’s right. Three years of begging , wait no, he says he never did. With the hubby’s constant persistence, the adventure has begun.
So two chapters to read from this book, so big and so heavy QueenB and Toughie earlier tonight couldn’t even lift it off the table together.

Really was quite a humorous sight. I sat there giggling to myself as they struggled and grunted because its flopping and twisting on them, why it’s not hardcover who knows, it’s heavy enough why not a little more right? Anyway so all in all it results with the book on the floor, just missing the little toes, and the girls looking at me only to bust out laughing so hard I though Toughie was going to fall over. So I pick up the book to move to the other table so they can then sit to do their puzzles at that one. For some reason just because their chairs are there it’s there table or something. Who knew…

So back to present time. Maybe them high school flashbacks were for a good reason. My study habits are, well shall we say rusty. For example:

  • Turn off the TV, oh but NCIS is on….
  • Don’t sit by the computer, darn Facebook addiction….
  • Turn off the phone, but I have to Tweet, Text, RING!! Answer it! When someone so intent on talking to me has called three times in a row, I tried to ignore, the phone that is not the caller, I think that means it‘s important. Don‘t you?….. It really wasn’t.

Wow so much we forget in such a short time, well would 8 yrs be considered a short time, kind of a long time for me I think. Or would that be feel….Oh well. So now I find myself yet again back to the computer but have pulled myself from the glorious Facebook only to revert to my blog. Plus chatting on IM mind you. (Think I got a friend addicted as well OOOPS, to blogging that is or well she will be here shortly *snickering* )

Now the clock is almost at 11. Homework is not done not even close. Dryer stopped hours ago, “hey folding fairy…where did you go?!?!” My bed is calling my name, has been for days.

With tears in my eyes I shall bid you ado, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Computer, and all means of technology and or communication outlets to the outside :) Goodnight!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Adventures!!

In this post and probably many more I will refer to my girls as Toughie and QueenB. That is what they are. I have my little Tough Tomgirl and my little Tender QueenB, well Tender on most days, others not so much.

So over the last week and still continuing this week we have definitely had and are having our own set of new adventures.

Last week the school went on the splendid H1N1 vacation. So now my whole daily routine has been thrown back into the chaotic days of summer but undoubtedly without the warm weather. Shall we say cabin fever! Add that all on top of the sugar injections, which results in overdoses, then the coma that ensues afterwards from this weekend, and we now have had a great Meltdown Monday!! Which oh so thanks to that pager started at 5:45 am this morning. :)

QueenB newest adventure was getting glasses last Thursday - (Toughie goes back tomorrow to see if she does too) So now who‘s bright idea was it to put glasses on a four year old. Oh I’m not raising my hand to claim that one. The fun has only just begun but the last four and a half days have been so much fun.

One she won’t leave them alone. They are the new toy, not only for her but sissy too. How many times can you say don’t touch and leave them alone before it actually gets heard?

Two she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. *sigh* I’m sure that will change. Oh and Toughie can’t wait till she goes back tomorrow to get hers too. Oh I’m sure the meltdowns will continue to Tuesday if she doesn’t get glasses too. That’s the hardest thing with twins, you can’t just have one of something no matter what it is.

Three add another item to the list of daily things to clean, and because of number one its often more than once a day. I mean how is she supposed to see better when they are filthy. Hmmm don’t remember having to keep washing the eyeballs….

Four how many times must we have the conversation,

“Time for bed your glasses need to go in the case.”
“But I need to see to sleep”
“Your eyes are closed when you sleep you don’t need them to see”

What does she have some great works of art on the back of those eyelids I wasn’t aware of. Course the glasses still won’t help to see that, well if they were or are there. Again kids say the darndest things sometimes.

So the last but not least has to be my latest adventure. It only took my hubby about three years to convince me but I have finally enrolled and start my EMT class tonight. Just another chunk of time to add to my already chaotic schedule on top of finding a sitter as well two to three times a week. So now I get to leave Toughie & QueenB in the hands of my hubby’s good friend. Yeah he is good with kids but can he handle the climax and grand finale of a Meltdown Monday?? Course tonight will probably be like signing that dotted line on the phrase he uttered to me the other day, “ after spending a day in your life, I’m really thinking about getting snipped.” Guess we will find out the verdict tonight when we get home from class. :)
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