Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Daddy wants me to be blonde!

When I was born, I was a blonde. As a child my hair started turning red, more a strawberry blonde but still going red. I look like, well been told I’m the spitting image of my Grandma my Dad’s Mom when she was my age. When I got in high school I eventually dyed it red. To this day I still keep it red. For well over 10 years I’ve dyed it at least once a year. With my hair having the natural reds in it I don’t have to maintain it that often. Which with my life is a great relief!

So on to the point Daddy wants me to go blonde. Not just blonde he says the bleach, bright, neon, blind you in the sun blonde!

First of all this in not a knock on blondes, If you are a blonde I mean no offense. My sisters and a few of my good friends are blonde.

Now me a blonde, I say oh HE** NO! I haven’t been since I was like 10 or maybe 12. In school I was a 4.0 student. Absolutely hated the blonde stereotype. Hence finally just dying it one color. Now the first try was by no means a red head it was more like purple! Hilarious at first I really loved it. Of course I was in the rebellious age of my life too. My Mother HATED it. My work was done.

Then my senior year my Mom paid big money to strip and get my hair back to what she called my “natural” blonde color. Wait it’s been years since I was blond how do you remember that color? Anyway I had to wait two weeks for the time honored tradition of senior pictures. For two weeks my hair was back to “normal” my Mom called it. As soon as them pics were done back to “my normal” I was. My Mom was irate! “What if we need retakes?” “Why didn’t you wait till the proofs come back!” “Samantha Mae!” when the middle name was yelled I knew I was in trouble. What could I do I just shrugged and said “They will be fine” Mean while I was praying to all holy heaven every moment of everyday till them proofs came back. Needless to say I’m still alive.
So on to Daddy. He has been hounding me for months to go blonde. Now when I ask why all I get is the usual male answer “I don’t know” or “because I want to see you blonde.” Hello I have pics of me blonde what more do your need!

So we are sitting in the living room one night and watching his favorite show DOG the bounty hunter, when it hit me. HE WANTS ME TO LOOK LIKE BETH! I jump up “NO way!”

He was shocked “what?”

“I get it! I finally figured it out! You want me to look like Beth!” As I’m frantically pointing at the TV, and mad at myself for taking so long to figure this out.

He just grins and tries to lie, “No, what… what are you talking about?”

“Blonde, Bleach Blonde like Beth. That’s why you want me to be blonde!”

He just laughs and tries to hide that that is the reason. I knew Daddy had a crush on Beth, but the nerve to want me to change to look like her WTF! Needless to say now it’s a game to me. I tell him oh sure I’ll dye my hair blonde when you get the body of DOG!

So of course here we are him no closer to the body of DOG and me never going to be blonde again. Besides my fiery, outspoken, too smart for my own good, in your face personality does not fit a blonde!


Emmy said...

Yes you sound like a red head through and through :)
My almost 3 year old daughter is a red head.. and man the personality really does come with it!

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

LOL, too funny-- who would want to look like Beth? She's a nice lady, but that hair (and the nails, and the clothes) are a little over the top...

I have been blonde (naturally so) my whole life. I graduated at the top of my class and enjoyed "debugging" the blonde stereotype the whole way!


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