Friday, November 20, 2009

Fear & Believing in Ourselves!

The Secret To Confidence Is Preparation

With practice you'll come to a point of competence.You'll find yourself accomplishing your goals gracefully and confidently.

It's then that you'll do things that you never dreamed you could do.You'll discover powers you never knew existed.If you're prepared, you're able to feel confident.

There can be no great courage when there is no confidence or assurance.Half the battle is in the conviction that you can accomplish what you undertake.

Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere. It's the result of constant work and dedication.

© 2009

I love these Daily Motivations. I post them for the most part every day on my Facebook & Myspace and people love them. I find this one so intriguing as it correlates with a video training I recently watched.

If we are not prepared, or we do not believe in something, we will never reach the success we want. We not only have to believe in ourselves, visualize what we want, but truly believe that what we want we will receive. If we don’t have the belief or courage to try something new we will never get there.

I recently asked everyone what makes them so afraid to try something new. Almost all of them replied it’s the fear of failing. So it results in they don’t have the belief in the beginning, if they are already thinking failure they will not make it. If your so afraid of the failing result you will not attempt anything new. If you don’t try new things your never going to know what you missed, if you would have succeeded, or who you could have helped or impacted by just taking that first step. That first belief that you can do what you set your mind too.

We are all capable of accomplishing and receiving what we want in life. We all have the potential to become and receive our wildest dreams. Now I’m not talking unrealistic things like I want to be Donald Trump. However if you believe that you can have his success. You match that with the time, the effort, the belief, the confidence, the determination. YOU CAN HAVE IT! You can be like Trump, Oprah, Tyra, anyone you dream to be. As successful if not more than with just the simple faith and trust in yourself. Your heart is your truest source of Motivation. Once it’s set in your heart your mind will follow.

We all have the potential to do or get what we want out of life it just takes a little work, a first step. We take our belief, our potential, our skills, and take action we will get the results we want. You want to climb Mt. Everest. Train for it, learn all you can, BELIEVE you will climb it and surprise your self and go for it! If you want a brand new car believe you will get it. Keep at what your doing or add to it. Figure out what you have to do, what you have to believe in, what may need to change, and plan for it. Believe in yourself that you can and will and before you know it that new car will be yours.

Now I’m by no means saying that you start believing in yourself today you will see results tomorrow. You may in some small tasks like cleaning house, the yard, homework, or that next test. However start taking that first step. Take that leap or jump. Believe in yourself. Trust your heart. Follow your dreams and make them happen. Good Luck and I wish you the best!

Always Be Prepared For Success

There is no shortage of opportunity.Everyday you are presented with countless chances to be, or do whatever you desire.

Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.Don't miss out on an opportunity because you're not prepared.Your preparation is absolutely essential.

To achieve success, you must have self discipline.You must increase your knowledge and develop your skills.

You're always in the right place at the right time when you're prepared.

© 2009

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