Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!! Ask me about it you won't be sorry!!!

Wordless Wednesday!! I'm a published writer and I make money with it too!!!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday!! – begging for your forgiveness.

Here is another fabulous edition of Post it Note Tuesday!!


Make sure to read on down, and then be fabulous to and join in the fun over at SUPAH’S!!!

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So here we go…




















Friday, April 23, 2010

Pretty easy prank to play on your kids!!!

Here is an Idea to lighten the mood. Take the time and set him up. Maybe use it when the kids are bugging you they want to do something, and you reply with go ask your DAD!!  HA HA Video tape too!! That would be too funny!!
Approx build time is one hour.
    • Pair of Dad's pants
    • Crumpled newspaper or rolled towels
    • Packing tape or twine
    • Pair of Dad's socks
    • Pair of Dad's shoes
    • Poster Board
    • Newspaper
    • Kitchen table
    • Kitchen chair


  1. Loosely stuff the pants with crumpled newspaper or rolled towels.
  2. "Sit" the trousers in one of your kitchen chairs and use several pieces of packing tape to secure the seat of the pants in place. Or, you can thread the twine through the belt loops of the pants and tie them to the back of the chair.

  3. Position the chair with one side up against the kitchen table facing the doorway.

  4. Loosely stuff a pair of socks and fit them into Dad's shoes. Fit the tops of the socks into the pant legs and use tape to secure them to the inner material, if necessary.

  5. Fold in half a piece of poster board and tape a few open newspaper sheets to it so that the newspaper extends beyond the top of the poster board.model-parent-5

  6. Prop the board (newspaper facing out) on the mannequin's lap, pinning one corner between the chair and the table. Tape the lower part of the board to the chair.

Found this courtesy of Family Fun Magazine. I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share. Our girls aren’t really old enough yet, however I’m gonna save it for later. Check out Family Fun’s other fun crafts. Divided by age group too!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Theory Thursday – Outdoor & Animal edition.

It’s Theory Thursday again!!

I wonder if I could make this a weekly Meme……hmmm maybe someday. Or if someone wants to add their two cents, I’d love to link ya up here.
So I’m a little late in the day, but at least I got them in here. I mean what more do you want from me to be perfect? HA HA well that is not me!! I will succeed in this blog thing however on my own time. So sometimes you may get a post everyday, (if you subscribe by email, ya should ya really should) or you will get two in an email only because I missed the send out time. Well enough blabbering here is my Theories for today.

Outdoor & Animal Edition
When submitting a request to Mother Nature always ask for the opposite of what you want, she is quite menopausal as of late.
Kid’s will always want to bring in or home ALL “animals”. (bugs included in this house)
You are more likely to win the lottery, than get sunshine on your outdoor plans.
Dirt, grass, bugs, and anything else that grows or is outside is all natural, so should be safe for baby consumption. (some limitations will apply)
There are no toys needed outside, only an imagination and what is already there. EX – sticks, rocks, anything else.
Mud puddles are a great stress reliever, have a jump!! (kids and adults alike)
Dust bunnies are the best pets ever! No need to feed, water, and are housebroken.
Multiple kids equals multiple pets. EX We have two kids, two dogs. No more, no less.
No matter how much a kid begs and promises to take care of the pet, it always ends up Mom’s responsibility.
Retriever dog breeds should be required to retrieve kids. They also should be allowed to retrieve kids by what ever means necessary. EX Clothes that are tugged on and torn are replaceable.
Hubby’s will never learn there is a difference between outdoor “farm” clothes and other clothing.
Note to previous if you have a stained shirt or pants save them, plan the most outrageous outdoor activity to get as filthy as you can and not have to ruin another set of clothing. I promise your kids will enjoy.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday – buried with kids.

Looks like a great time, don’t it??








We were cleaning sand from everywhere when they were done.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It’s Post It Note Tuesday – Winning Distraction

It’s another great day to play the most fantabulous Meme of all!!

Post It Note Tuesday!!!

Hosted by the one and only……… SUPAH!!

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