Monday, April 19, 2010

Wanna be green thumb employs questionable laborer’s…

First let me start with I think Mother Nature is either menopausal or trying to smite me. Either way we went from 80’s on Thursday to barely 60 and rain on Friday. Then came Saturday where once again it was barely 30 and that stupid white CRAP was falling once again!! So then we hit Sunday. Yes the sun was out however we were only mid 50’s at best. Totally unbelievable!! Needless to say we were home for once and didn’t have to run off somewhere. So we decided what better day than today to enforce some child labor, right?
After the girls went and picked out their perfect work clothes. Out to our back/side yard we went. Raking and picking up sticks.
QueenB consistently thought her rake had to be leaf free.
Wrong end their Toughie!!
Seemed to be no matter how much they raked they couldn’t keep it in a straight line. That wasn’t our thing Ms. Perfect QueenB wanted it that way.
(Note the boots on their feet ;) and they had to have their worker bibs on today. It was too cute!)
Toughie telling QueenB to do it yourself then. (Ha Ha no one bosses me around hmph)
We found so many cool things out in the yard. For example apparently we have been attacked by Woody!!
He left his mark everywhere in the back yard!! Take a look.
and here,
and here!
So then we went to go work in the garden. If you saw last Monday’s post True Confessions of a Wanna be green thumb. Here I showed off my gardens, or lack there of. I’m not going to show you what we have done so far to fix them, but I’ll just tell you we managed to weed a TON of grass from the side yard and put up the rock line in front of it. The front garden wasn’t touched at all. (poor thing) Anyway while we were digging away, we found a few things. I’m so proud of my girls for not being squeamish about gettin’ dirty or picking up things like…
He wasn’t a keeper to go fishing with so we decided to put him back. Of course that was after much convincing they didn’t need a worm in the house. I swear some days I’m raising two boys. (check the fingers!! see how filthy we were already!)
Then we found this weird little thing he is on the rock there, sorry I didn’t get a close up, but he was brick red and hard shell on one end and like a worm on the other. All in all we had a great day. We finished the rocks and most of the weeds. Hope next weekend is nice so we can plant some rose bushes and maybe some bulbs. However with Mother Nature being so wishy-washy we might have to wait a bit longer.
On a further note thank heavens for a shower in this house, or I’d have been cleaning a dirt ring for days with how much dirt came off of all of us.


Ashley said...

LOL that was adorable. At least they're brave enough to touch worms..I have a hard time being near them jor any slimy gross creature like that. :)

CountessLaurie said...

Yeah, Mother Nature has been abusing us with the same bad mood!

I did not realize that woodpeckers did that much damage. WOW!

Your girls are adorable in their boots!! Some days my girls are squeamish, the next, they aren't. I can't figure them out!

Life Without Pink said...

haha you are right little Tom Boys! They are so cute and look like they are so full of life :) The other day my 18 month old picked up a baby turtle and wouldn't give it up! I guess I have to get use to all of that.

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