Friday, April 16, 2010

Something personal – hope for answers

I originally had a whole idea planned out for today’s post. One with tons of excitement, bells, whistles, pure craziness, and all.


However it will have to wait.


Ok no I’m lying. I had originally planned to have my “about me” section done and ready to make it’s debut. No such luck, who knew it was so hard to write about yourself. (insert coming to you next week “the about me section”) ok ok cheesy I know.


Anyway one of the reasons it has been put on the back burner is I am contemplating a new business venture, plus the fact we have a road trip on the agenda today. No it’s not a mini vacay how I wish it was, I have to take the hubby to a specialist appt today. A specialist that is a little over two hour drive from us one way. My hubby has suffered for years from what has previously, and currently, diagnosed as migraines. They only issue we are having is that he doesn’t have the characteristic symptoms of migraines or any of the side affects I think you could call them.  Such as light doesn’t bother him, or noise, he can’t lay down with them, and he really is quite unbearable to be around when he has them. They cause him so much pain and are coming more frequently. Most the time he doesn’t seem to remember what happened during the worst part of the pain, or its just really foggy. We are hoping this visit can give us some insight into how his mind works a cause or simply why they happen. He can’t simply just take a pain med and it goes away either. He has to suffer with the pain for hours sometimes all day or night depending when it strikes. It makes him miserable, which of course we all know results in misery for me.I really hope we can get some answers today.

Wish us luck, lots of prayers, and fingers crossed we get some news.




CountessLaurie said...

Sending prayers for answers!! As a chronic headache sufferer, I understand the misery, but not to his intensity! Yuck... good luck, God bless!

Daisygirl said...

so sorry about your hubby's migraines. I get them I have the kind where I am sensitive to light and sound. I hope you get some the way I linked you to my end of UBP 2010 post as a blogger that I met!
Hope your weekend is good and your hubby feels better.

Krista said...

Poor hubby, poor you! I just missed a day of work and school due to a horrible headache. I took every pill I have (Excedrin, Lortab, Clonapin) and nothing helped. I went and got a deep tissue massage and feel much better today (with only Excedrin). I wish I knew a cure, too.

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