A Bit About Mama

So the attempt to write an “about me” section has proved to be quite difficult. Why it’s so easy to write about others rather than yourself perplexes me.

So here it is the debut of the best I can figure of how to explain me.

I’ve lived in the same general 40 mile radius my whole life. Born and raised a small town girl and wouldn’t have it any other way. I grew up on a farm. With that fact I am proud to say I am no stranger, nor do I fear hard work or getting dirty. I will gladly stand up and take on any man that feels they are stronger than I, or any woman, for that exact reason. I wouldn’t say I am a feminist, however I would say I have a feminist attitude especially when it comes to the alpha male with the caveman theory they are still the strongest sex.

I did really well in school, and can’t say I fit into one clique. I was friends with EVERYONE. I called it my eclectic ability to socialize. I still find it present in my life now. I don’t like enemies, however if someone feels they are mine, there in for nothing but kindness from me from now on.

I'm a wife of a Fire/EMS addict. Who has recently dragged me into that lifestyle. Becoming an EMT has been an eye opening experience. It has always amazed me his dedication to this line of volunteerism. (<< can’t believe that’s actually a word.) I can’t call it work only because that isn’t possible to be a paid job in this little area we live in.

My hubby came as a package. When I married him I got twin stepdaughters as well. They are my LIFE. I’ve been blessed by my hubby to be able to be a stay at home mom for them. QueenB and Toughie sure do keep me on my toes, and have a huge thirst for adventure. We are blessed that they are so smart, so active, and so full of love.

We are struggling with the fact that I may not be able to get pregnant. We dearly want a child of our own. Of course nothing will take away the love we have for the girls. Facing this hard fact has been difficult and heart breaking. We will get through it and in fact being in this situation we fully believe is to only make us stronger.

I say that I speak my mind whether you like it or not. I've always been told I posses more knowledge and wisdom than anyone my age should. My Grandmother whom I miss terribly repeatedly told me in my teen years that some day I would realize that having a mind that processed things far beyond my years isn’t a curse, rather a blessing and I should cherish it. I still haven’t figured out how it’s a blessing, but knowing my Grandmother I’m sure I’ll find out soon.

I've chosen to share my thoughts, random theories, some dislikes, and favorites of what ever comes to my mind here for you all to enjoy, disapprove, or perplex you into wondering what on earth is she thinking. I invite you to sit back and take a trip with me into my life, my mind, and the utter chaos and adventure I’m sure will arise.

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