Friday, June 25, 2010

Fly On The Wall.

So here is the set up, the 411, the down-low.

I’ve been picking on Sis lately. She and I talk almost everyday, if not several times a day. The hubby thinks its crazy. My opinion is that my family is a lot closer in some aspects than his. Anyway as you know Sis has three boys. Booger is 5, Duck is almost 3, and Moose is little over a year old.
Aren’t they just handsome boys??

Now our conversations at times are rather amusing and I will tell you why. I’ve been teasing her that I was going to start writing about some of the “phrases” I hear when we talk. She tells me I won’t, when she knows I most definitely will. I told her the other day someone should be a fly on the wall and write this stuff down so we could make millions!!

So here we go, set down that drink, no drinking I don’t want you to choke and it be all my fault.

Phone rings I see on the caller ID its her (second time today) the earlier call however was from Moose playing with the cell.

For your ease of reading I will color code the convo’s. *wink wink* I will be in lovely Red and Sis will be in Blue.

So I answer, “Hello.”

Stern voice says, “Don’t say that to me again or you will go to your room!”

“Ok then, noted.”

Laughing. “No not you, UGH these kids are making me lose my hair today.”

“Nothing new.”

So we chat about a few things, and then mid sentence she raises her voice, “I told you to go find a toy to play with! Quit playing with the tape measure before you slice your brothers head off!”

Not even two minutes later, “I said a toy!! Where are you getting these tools? Of all things your dad had to teach you it had to be the “fixin!” Give me the wrench and hammer. Now get!” pause “Get back here! Give me the screwdriver out of your back pocket too! Is there anymore I can’t see?”

Yeah my nephews are all about the tools. They love the farm and “fixin” things. Really is very adorable. How ever a lot of the boys “fixin” has cost Sis and her hubby some money.

For example the other day Duck decided to cook some long noodles (Ramen) on the grill. Sis thought he was pretending stirring things in the bowl on the grill. There was no flame so all safe right? Wrong they went to use the grill a day later. No gas in the tank. First they are perplexed how this 2 year old was able to turn the top plus Duck had managed to break some part that her hubby had to run, buy, and then “fix.”

Second Sis proceeds to tell me now that Moose is walking, he likes to help mommy. Sis found out the hard way that crayons and dishwasher’s don’t blend well. Enough said.

Another day we are chatting along and she is telling a story about a friend of ours she saw the other day. Again mid sentence no change in tone she says, “You asked for it you eat it! Your brother is not a pig to just dump leftovers on his tray!”

At first I’m like WTF kind of story, huh, what?? Then I hear Duck say, “But Mama he’s (Moose) asked me for some.”

“Ok one your brother doesn’t talk. Two what have you been told about lying, three ugh… uhh… AHH just go away I can’t think with you telling me (Moose) is talking. That thought scares me to no end.”

Then on that note she goes right back into the story like nothing happened. I however am still perplexed with the fact that Duck could come up with such a story and the thought of Moose talking we will all be in trouble.
So I don’t hear a thing she says.

There have been several more. They happen at least once a week. I am absolutely writing them down from now on. That is of course once I wipe my eyes from the tears of laughing so hard. Knowing my Sis and my nephews that I love to death, this will probably be a reoccurring entry.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Post–it–note Tuesday & Oh no he didn’t – Friends as roomies…

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Here we go!!




























Wanna be green thumb has struck again!!!

All weekend we spent in our backyard. It’s sad to say we have been rather neglectful when it comes to keeping it all nice and purty. So we were out there all day Saturday and for the most part the girls helped but then a good share of the time they were doing this



Yeah teasing Dutchess don’t ya see!! They had her ball and were playing baseball with a stick!! Cracked me up though with QueenB pitching and Toughie swinging they managed to connect several times. Plus of course they always had a fielder. Dutchess has become very skilled in fetching. It’s the dropping part we are having some troubles with. Tug o’ war is a must in her book.

So then on to Sunday it was back to the grind. The Hubby’s Uncle came over and was our slave helped us. The lovely guys built us a new gate so that we can have a “dog yard” and “people yard.” When Dutchess was a puppy she broke the old gate that was up there. With a little help from Daisey too. While they were doing that, and cleaning up brush that was taking over the back shed, we were working in what is now known as “our” garden.

Yes no longer my garden It’s ours now. Toughie says and I quote, “Sammi since I’m working on the garden it’s mine too, right? I mean it’s ours now?”

“Well of course Toughie!! *laughing* Why didn’t you think it was ours before?”

“Because only you worked in it. But now that I helped it’s mine too!!”

Their thought process still perplexes me.

So as you can see our house is on one side of the yard, the road is on the South and we have a row of very tall trees on the west (you can’t see these I’m telling you). This is real nice once afternoon hits. When it hits about two pm most the yard is in shade. However before then it is all sun. We looked so goofy today I stuck a stick in the yard and put the beach umbrella on it. That way our chairs and drinks were able to stay shaded and cool. I don’t handle heat very well at all. I have had heat exhaustion several times, a couple to the point of completely passing out. I tell you that is no fun. So I have to make sure I have shade somewhere and of course TONS of fluid. Anyway off on a tangent again. Sorry I did not snap a picture of the umbrella but I will tomorrow when we are back out there. We finally have woodchips to spread out into our nicely weeded garden.

So we are going to be prepared…


and another just because!! Oh if you don’t know, or well I haven’t specified… QueenB is on the left and of course Toughie on the right. Oh and yup they both have glasses now. Yippeee for me!!!


See they have their gloves and tools!! Oh and here is something that ERKS me to no end, why on earth do they not make kid’s garden gloves small enough?? UGH we just said phooey and they put on some old winter gloves. Worked perfectly and they were happy. Not that they don’t like getting dirty I didn’t want a repeat of sliced hands from the grass just like when they were feeding Booger’s goats. That was not a nice afternoon.

So of course what next is this…


After all that work our family did what we do best. When it’s summer and it’s a holiday we grill together!! Well no need for holiday we just do it. Reason I am showing you these two pics is one it was Father’s day and that’s my Dad!! Two see behind him that little guy in the red shirt… Oh wait lets get QueenB to move…


Ok is that better? Do you see him now?? That is my middle nephew (in the far back is Booger the oldest and Moose is by QueenB in the front here) OK so HMMMM we will call him… Duck, yeah that will work because he is one weird duck… So Duck kept telling my dad to “do it again!” So my dad would lean back to squish him. He would start giggling and eventually you would hear “K up Papa up” all straining for breath. However after this round as soon as Dad leaned back we hear from him “up papa UPPPP you are hurting my weiner!!!” OMG did we all bust up laughing. I had tears running down my face it was so funny. Plus as soon as papa sat up Duck just adjusted and you heard “do it again!!” My sister claims he LOVES pain. I think it’s rather apparent oh and there were more stories to go with.

So eventually we got home and we were heading in the house and we seen this!


Toughie is jumping up and down, “a rainbow, A RAINBOW!! My very firstest real RAINBOW in my whole life!!!” *jump jump jump*


So of course I had to snap some pictures. She was just so SO excited!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Daddy Model contest!!! OK OK Photo contest.

SO of course the awesome Supah is hosting another contest. Looking for the best picture of a dad. I of course can’t just pic one so I picked a few. Oh well if I get in trouble that is my middle name. So if you want to join in just click on the little doo hickamabob thingy here…

Yup that one. Ok so here we go these are my pics.

This first one is my Dad and I the day the hubby and I had our reception. I state it this way because we were already married. We now dressed up and renewed our vows for extended family to of course PAAARR--- TAAAYYY afterwards. How ya like my gown I put my own red ribbon on and I did my own bouquet too!! I’m so crafty. I also did our cake.
(side note these first three pics are some that I’ve managed to save from the card of 1018!! Don’t know what I’m talking about well CATCH UP HERE!! LOL I’ll be posting more soon I’m very sure. I can’t believe how many of these I didn’t know were on there.)

Am I just not so B-E-A- Utiful!!!

Here is at the “Toddler shower” we surprise threw for Gary when he found out he was going to start getting the girls. He busted up laughing when someone said that butt cream was for home not for work!! (he is  a nurse aid for his “real” job)


Isn’t he the best daddy!! Dressing up all goofy like with QueenB!!!


But the best one of all was when Gary’s Dad finally got to see his two granddaughters. This was the first time Gary’s parents got to hold and see the girls and they were 14 months old. It was a tearful day for a lot of his family.


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. You are the best!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Bad thoughts I tell ya, bad thoughts.

I thought I would join in the confessional this week.

Yup I have something to confess to you y'all

I came accross the meme a couple weeks ago but never thought of anything to say however this week I have something.

So come on over and join just click on the beautiful button made by Chief for Glamazon

All beatified isn't it??

So on to the important crap stuff.

  • This last week on pick up and drop off of the girls to their mom she proceeded to talk my ear off with tons of bullsh$%!!
  • She has done this before but it always ends bad for me.
  • Every time she plays nice with me it ends up with me drinking coffee laughing with the CPS guy in my house.
  • Yup she turns me in for trumped up charges, that have no proof, that I get to amuse the CPS fella with how they aren't possible.
  • So as I'm sitting there last night I tried everything to get her to shut up.
  • I didn't ask questions, I started the car, I even had it in park, she still wouldn't stop.
  • So I eventually drove away saying its late I have to go while she was still rambling.
  • In my head I'm thinking...
  • How can I remove her tongue, how can I...
  • Yes I had some very bad thoughts about there mom.
  • I have them alot. (I WOULD NEVER ACT ON THEM)
  • I yelled at the hubby for not making/telling her we HAVE to go.
  • I yelled at him for making me sit through that twice in one week.
  • I tend to yell at my hubby alot for him being to quiet.
  • I get frustrated easily anymore.
  • I think it's my anxiety/depression.
  • I don't take meds for it even though I should.
  • I hate how it makes me feel like a zombie and no feelings, not even able to cry when I take them.
  • Besides they really only give ya drugs for feeling suicidal...
  • Not for having thoughts of homicide do they?? (LOL I haven't had that bad of thoughts but if I'm drinking coffe with the CPS fella next week I can't promise I won't dream it)

So there ya have it.

Oh and if you here from


Make sure to leave me a comment so I can come back to you.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What?!? 1018!! Your kidding me!!

Yup that’s right I found my old camera. The one I know that the girls ran off with but of course denied.

I know this for sure now because guess where I found it… Did you guess?

In their room, buried in the closet. Underneath all the “toys dat dey don’t wants no mores.” Yeah words from them after I convinced them we needed had to purge some of the blanket of crap toys they don’t play with let alone touch that was covering their floor. I’m proud to say they were happy to give up two whole garbage bags full of toys to get to pick an extra item each from our “wonder closet” or “closet o’ wonder” as we call it.

These girls are so spoiled rotten so of course when holidays and birthdays come around what we can snag and hide in there or things that at the time are to old for them we do. It may sound like we are mean however when we have four family Christmas parties and the expansive family we have for birthday’s they don’t seem to miss one, two, or a few more presents disappearing. I’m sure they will eventually notice but for now it works and makes days like this where it’s time to rid of the old and I can bribe convince them that they do this they get a new toy, it works wonders (hence the name.) Plus it’s a saver in so many ways. First I don’t have to go buy something new, or I don’t have to have them whining they have nothing to do. The best part of it though, if it’s been a rough day a visit to the toy aisle in our house generally makes that day have a brand new tune. I do buy some things if it’s a great deal that you just would be a fool not to get to put in there too. For example I found paint by number sets on clearance for a buck one time when a store was closing when the girls were barely two. These definitely came in handy the other day when of course since we live in the rainforest now.

Anyway onto the point (catching myself spewing crap once again.) So I pick up the camera and both girls have that deer in the headlight look.

“Not me!!” I hear in surround sound.

The battery door is busted off and no batteries to be found which wasn’t a surprise. However what was is that the card was still in it!!! So I get my other camera and hook it up to the puter and to my amazement 1018 PICTURES!! I’m like holy crap!! I know I couldn’t have taken that many… or could I have. I do tend to click, click, and click some more. But come on I know I didn’t take that many. So as we speak it’s loading…

and loading…

and loading…

crap this might take all night…

It’s been an hour and only 300+ is loaded. Will my computer take them all?

Hmmmm well what I’ve seen in the beginning is pictures from almost 4 years ago!! Yeah the first ever time we had the girls with us!! My family and Gary’s threw him a “Toddler Shower.” Best part was it was a total surprise for him. I managed to convince the girls mom to let us have them for a few hours. That his family was planning this to get him what we needed to have the girls in our home. It was early winter and we held it at what we call the Sportsman’s Club here in our little town. It’s a common building people can rent to use and has a range out back. Anyway the play was that my sis called me telling me that there was an indoor yard sale there to come check out, tons of girls stuff. So of course he bit hook, line, and sinker. We get there and we are heading in when he starts recognizing cars. Darn it but up till then he totally believed. SO instantly its “what on earth is going on!!” I just kept walking and in we went to a mountain of presents. Someone even bought us two toddler beds. He wasn’t the only one overwhelmed.

So now that the card has finished loading it gets to the end and… Only 323 pictures survived all the rest had errors, oh wait check that some had errors. With so many pictures the batteries died around 400 something.
This really will take all night. OK new batteries in and round two begins.

Oh well who knows what the error ones were but finding these pictures were a blessing anyway. I’ll have to share them with you soon.

Here is one for now… They were watching the doggies in the snow. Back when QueenB had Hair and Toughie didn’t. My oh my has that changed now. Toughie has a mound on her head and QueenB has just enough.

So with that I’m not staying up any longer I’ll have to show and tell you later what all I found.
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