Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Daddy Model contest!!! OK OK Photo contest.

SO of course the awesome Supah is hosting another contest. Looking for the best picture of a dad. I of course can’t just pic one so I picked a few. Oh well if I get in trouble that is my middle name. So if you want to join in just click on the little doo hickamabob thingy here…

Yup that one. Ok so here we go these are my pics.

This first one is my Dad and I the day the hubby and I had our reception. I state it this way because we were already married. We now dressed up and renewed our vows for extended family to of course PAAARR--- TAAAYYY afterwards. How ya like my gown I put my own red ribbon on and I did my own bouquet too!! I’m so crafty. I also did our cake.
(side note these first three pics are some that I’ve managed to save from the card of 1018!! Don’t know what I’m talking about well CATCH UP HERE!! LOL I’ll be posting more soon I’m very sure. I can’t believe how many of these I didn’t know were on there.)

Am I just not so B-E-A- Utiful!!!

Here is at the “Toddler shower” we surprise threw for Gary when he found out he was going to start getting the girls. He busted up laughing when someone said that butt cream was for home not for work!! (he is  a nurse aid for his “real” job)


Isn’t he the best daddy!! Dressing up all goofy like with QueenB!!!


But the best one of all was when Gary’s Dad finally got to see his two granddaughters. This was the first time Gary’s parents got to hold and see the girls and they were 14 months old. It was a tearful day for a lot of his family.


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. You are the best!!!



SupahMommy said...

Oh that last one is killer and i love the goggles on etoo.


CountessLaurie said...

Great pictures... I love that you had a toddler shower! How sweet!

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