Friday, June 25, 2010

Fly On The Wall.

So here is the set up, the 411, the down-low.

I’ve been picking on Sis lately. She and I talk almost everyday, if not several times a day. The hubby thinks its crazy. My opinion is that my family is a lot closer in some aspects than his. Anyway as you know Sis has three boys. Booger is 5, Duck is almost 3, and Moose is little over a year old.
Aren’t they just handsome boys??

Now our conversations at times are rather amusing and I will tell you why. I’ve been teasing her that I was going to start writing about some of the “phrases” I hear when we talk. She tells me I won’t, when she knows I most definitely will. I told her the other day someone should be a fly on the wall and write this stuff down so we could make millions!!

So here we go, set down that drink, no drinking I don’t want you to choke and it be all my fault.

Phone rings I see on the caller ID its her (second time today) the earlier call however was from Moose playing with the cell.

For your ease of reading I will color code the convo’s. *wink wink* I will be in lovely Red and Sis will be in Blue.

So I answer, “Hello.”

Stern voice says, “Don’t say that to me again or you will go to your room!”

“Ok then, noted.”

Laughing. “No not you, UGH these kids are making me lose my hair today.”

“Nothing new.”

So we chat about a few things, and then mid sentence she raises her voice, “I told you to go find a toy to play with! Quit playing with the tape measure before you slice your brothers head off!”

Not even two minutes later, “I said a toy!! Where are you getting these tools? Of all things your dad had to teach you it had to be the “fixin!” Give me the wrench and hammer. Now get!” pause “Get back here! Give me the screwdriver out of your back pocket too! Is there anymore I can’t see?”

Yeah my nephews are all about the tools. They love the farm and “fixin” things. Really is very adorable. How ever a lot of the boys “fixin” has cost Sis and her hubby some money.

For example the other day Duck decided to cook some long noodles (Ramen) on the grill. Sis thought he was pretending stirring things in the bowl on the grill. There was no flame so all safe right? Wrong they went to use the grill a day later. No gas in the tank. First they are perplexed how this 2 year old was able to turn the top plus Duck had managed to break some part that her hubby had to run, buy, and then “fix.”

Second Sis proceeds to tell me now that Moose is walking, he likes to help mommy. Sis found out the hard way that crayons and dishwasher’s don’t blend well. Enough said.

Another day we are chatting along and she is telling a story about a friend of ours she saw the other day. Again mid sentence no change in tone she says, “You asked for it you eat it! Your brother is not a pig to just dump leftovers on his tray!”

At first I’m like WTF kind of story, huh, what?? Then I hear Duck say, “But Mama he’s (Moose) asked me for some.”

“Ok one your brother doesn’t talk. Two what have you been told about lying, three ugh… uhh… AHH just go away I can’t think with you telling me (Moose) is talking. That thought scares me to no end.”

Then on that note she goes right back into the story like nothing happened. I however am still perplexed with the fact that Duck could come up with such a story and the thought of Moose talking we will all be in trouble.
So I don’t hear a thing she says.

There have been several more. They happen at least once a week. I am absolutely writing them down from now on. That is of course once I wipe my eyes from the tears of laughing so hard. Knowing my Sis and my nephews that I love to death, this will probably be a reoccurring entry.


Dazee Dreamer said...

multitasking. your sis is a pro at it. as most woman are, but she has it down to a science

Shell said...

LOL Love this! Having 3 boys 5 and under myself, I totally relate.

♥Cari♥ said...

LOL! I love reading stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!

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