Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PINT – 10 Tid Bit’s!!

It’s that day of the week again!! It’s PINT Tuesday with Supah!! Hop on over and join in the fun. Before you go though make sure to take a peek at mine and leave me a note. I decided to do something oh so fun today!!! You don’t want to miss it nor do I want to hold you any longer. So after your done looking at mine just click on the awesome Supah Mommy below and she will whisk you away to where you have to go. What else would she be wearing that cape for right?? ;)
supah postit

Here we go!!!!!



Peterson Family said...

I love cinnamon too! Love it, love it!

And my hubs is so warm blooded that I joke that he is a werewolf. I swear his body temp is a good 10 degrees above mine. In the summertime it makes snuggling quite uncomfortable when I am like "Geez...get off me..." LOL

Needles don't bother me. At all. And I have the tatts to prove it! ☺

Duchess said...

I love cinnamon candles :0)

What kind of pretty tattoo do you have? I know lots of people who hate needles but wanted ink - go you!

Happy PINT!

waylandcook said...

Since you love Cinnamon gor to the Dollar General and get the Mayberry brand (yes like the TV show they even have thier pics on the package) Cinnamon toast muffis. They are dark brown with cinnamon,

I am warm blooded but I hat cold weather. And I hate needles but can start an IV in secnonds and have 1 tatt.

CountessLaurie said...

great idea with the posties...

i think that tattoo needles are just so different, it's not like getting a shot or a blood draw. Maybe because they are shorter and only poke you on the surface! I dunno, just a thought.

jayayceeblog said...

That was fun ... thanks for sharing!!!

Chief said...

I am so hot blooded! I dont own a coat.

and I love breakfast...

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

I love learning things about people...I'm such a nosey body I guess! Ha! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Happy PINT!

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