Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Memorial Minute

Joining in for the Monday Minute with Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality. You can come join in too!!

1 -  Have you or a family member joined the military?
Well I tried once. They didn't like a medicine I had been on so it was an instant denial. So for the record they don't take everybody. As far as family... My Great Uncle served in the Navy, cousin was in the Army Reserves, and my half bro-in-law (that would be my husbands half brother just in case you couldn't follow I'll spell it out too ) who has divided himself from the family is active Army I think maybe Navy I don't really know.

2 - Have you or a family member served his/her country in times of war?
My great Uncle was during a war but can't remember which, I believe it was Vietnam. My bro-in-law has done 4 tours already in Iraq.

3 - What's your favorite BBQ food?
I LOVE BBQ!!! Any and all!! If we can grill it, we do. Meat, veggies, fruit, potatoes, the list can go on and on. You get my point that I LOVE BBQ!! We kept our grill on our porch last winter just so we could still grill. A bit redneckish but hey grilled food is worth it!

4 - Do you fart in public?
Well my hubby would gasp and throw a fit about this. YES I do!! Not like loud ones, or in front of peeps, I try to distance myself from others. I tell him I can't hold them in. One of these days I'll explode and then I can blame him 'cuz I was trying to hold it like he said.

5 - What's the one question that if it shows up on a Monday Minute, you refuse to take part?
Hmmmm I'm not very bashful so I don't really think there would be anything. Maybe if it was a real political question I might not answer because I don't follow it. I know right sad, but throwing a fit over something that my one little vote isn't going to change is a waste of time, breath, and energy. Besides no matter what we want "they" will still do what they want or are being "paid" to do.

However enough rambling.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Flashback -- That’s a HUGE hood ornament!!

Way back when I was only 17. (ok so that’s not even ten years ago but hey I feel old these days) It was a fabulous Friday night and I had just picked up my “best-y” from her house to head to the social event of the month. Well not really we were heading to the boys basketball game at the school. I know what your thinking, “what a basketball game is an event?” Around here it is!! If it’s not football season then it’s basketball. Up here in the northern woods we are nuts about school spirit. (that goes for girls sports too) So the other disadvantage of living in nowhere land is that paved roads are a luxury not a necessity. So rather than drive 20 miles out of my way I take dirt roads. I mean I’m 17 so my classic tricked out muscle car fabulous Ford Taurus was supposed to be white, but for some reason it was rather tan. Plus gas is very valuable!! My parents did give me everything. So down the road we head and we are coming up to the S curve and guess what…

NOPE we weren’t going to fast… Try again… Ok OK I’ll tell ya!!
MySpace Layouts
We did sort of crash. Well no not really, I'll explain. We came around the first curve and standing right there was YOGI!!

Yeah a BEAR!!

Pic-i-nic basket and all. (Boy did that fly when he saw me)
Well no, but like I could see I was hitting the brakes, busting out my mad “dirt track racing skills”, trying to figure out where that high pitch squeal (oh that was my best-y) was coming from. In other words trying to save our LIVES!! We start sliding sideways, and this bear must have learned from the stupid deer up here that when headlights are coming at you, just stand where you are. How that is going to save them who knows but they all do it. So we are sliding and I manage to get the car back heading straight… or so I thought… yup you guessed it I mean come on I was 17 I started spinning the other way. So now out of my window, the side one that is, I see this bear getting closer and closer and Oh we are going to HIT HIM!!! Then all of sudden poof, last second, something makes him run, thank heavens. We soon slide to a stop which was nice, or so I thought, that was until we look out the front and see nothing!! YUP NADA!! Well a few trees but tops of them not middle or bottom nope. Then the front end of the car just DROPS!!! HUGE bang right under our feet. Front wheels are no longer on the ground they are hanging over a cliff. Mean while my lovely co-pilot has not stopped screaming, I’m like GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!! So we sit there and I’m trying to remember how far this drop is… 30, 40, 50 ft???

Ok no that would require a guardrail. Still it was about 8 which had me puzzled why there wasn’t a rail there. Wait back to the situation FOCUS ok so I decide to slowly try to open my door. That’s a negative, when we dropped front doors were wedged into the sand. GREAT So climb over the seat it is.

So my buddy says “What you mean get out with YOGI?!?!”

I’m like “Uhhh yeah! Or we could just fall of the cliff… hmmmm tuff decision, Don’t worry we will stay right by the car.”

So I get her tiny little butt to climb over and out, simple as pie. She is still freaking like crazy as I’m trying to climb over too. (Hey I’m no mini now and I wasn’t then either. My buddy on the other hand had some very blessed gene’s and I don’t mean blue.) I’m struggling reaching for her to help me, yeah nothing she is worthless. So as I finally wedge my panicked big butt out of the car. I look around us. I’m in total amazement that we didn’t go over. We came to the conclusion we did hit the bear. I claim this because my drivers mirror was laying where he was standing, which I’m sure is what made him run.

So now I’m searching my pockets for my cell. (yes I was spoiled with that, something about “your young, you might need help blah blah blah” Parent’s how did they know?!?) Well yup can’t find it. Ugh so I very carefully get close to the car to see it laying in the seat. Dang it!!

So I ask “Hey do you have your phone?”

“No where’s yours?”

“Uhhh, In there”


She fly’s back into the backseat and slides her skinny little butt back between the seats snatches the phone and fly’s back out. I’m like what the heck just happened. Probably the sanest moment I had seen of her yet, or that could have been the most insane getting back in there. Either way we had a phone now. So to make a long story short I called my Super Dad you know the one the puppy eyes works on to come rescue us. He pulled back the car and off we went to the game. Well the last quarter at least. Yes the car still drove. Hey I was only missing a mirror and besides it was magically fixed the next day. (gotta love Duct Tape!! Ok no my Dad did something to it with like Super Super Super Glue or something)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cutest Pet contest

So I’m entering into Toothsoap’s Cutest Pet Contest!

I think this is the best thing ever!! (or just another reason for me to show you my other babies LOL) You can enter too by clicking on the links to the host's at the bottom of this post. (that way you have to see my pics before you go LOL) You can check out Toothsoap by clickin this pic here or its on my side bar too!!!

Here is my baby!
(atleast that is what the hubby says because she is a puppy and still likes to misbehave)

This is our princess. Oh wait no her name is Dutchess, but she is a princess.

Isn’t she adorable with her little bandanna too??

I think she looks like she belongs on them cute greeting cards with the big head bug eye animals LMBO!!


Here is our old lady… I mean other baby Daisey
daisy sleeping
She loves the hubby’s chair. She will refuse to move when he tells her to get down. Old ladies don’t move like they used to right? (she's pushing 100 in dog years)

He will have to tell her over and over again and most the time, he gives up LOL. (Goes to show you the women rule this house bwah ha ha ha )

Hope you enjoyed!! Hop on over to Chiefs or Supah’s Or Shell’s and Link up your pic!! You could win the pet pack from Toothsoap.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday – Fun in the sun!! (Finally)

So mother nature FINALLY cooperated. We have had some fabulous days lately. This last weekend we spent all day Sunday playing in the water. I took these shots with my cell phone. I’m amazed at the clarity. You can see the water drops falling in all of them. I really think they are amazing because all you see is the kid as a shadow and the water and sun seem to be the highlights. Anyway enough words hope you enjoy!!









Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday – Rocks and Apples!!

Come join the fun!!! What a blast every week for the hottest, most hip, and happening Meme there is!!! ( ok now that I’ve inflated Supah’s head some more JK JK) Jump on over to her site and join in the fun. All  you have to do is click on her pretty post it below. All the rules, (there isn’t any that I know of) and how-to’s are there.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Proving stereotypes have some truth.

My family has always amused me. There is never a dull moment when we are all together. No matter what, you can always count on a laugh at from with my youngest sister, Sissy. All three of us My sister’s were born blonde (not me, nope I’m a red head, that’s what I’m sticking with, have been for months years my whole life) and Sissy definitely has fit the stereotype of being blonde over and over and over again. Here are a couple examples:

I remember once the three of us sitting in the mall food court talking about a family friend that was moving to Alaska. Sis and I were talking about the fact that the long drive has to be getting pretty tedious, going on 4 days or something like that.

When Sissy says, “Drive? How can they drive across the ocean?”

“What?!” We wanted to make sure we heard her right.

“I said how can they drive on the ocean?”

We bust up laughing!!

Blank stare at us she is like “What’s so funny? Alaska is in the middle of the ocean, right next to Hawaii! You can’t drive on the ocean.”

I finally catch my breath to ask her something along the lines of “ Do we honestly attend the same school? I wish I had a map.” So after explaining to her how the map works she finally understood, I think…

Story number two happened just recently:

Not only is Sissy the blonde airhead intellectually challenged of all of us, she tends to be the adventurous one. Now Sis and I love a great challenge, but Sissy tends to seek them out constantly. Last summer she took and passed the classes to ride a motorcycle. Shocked us all but she loves it. So last Thursday my Mother, whom was over 10 hours from home got that call. “Ma’am your daughter has been in an accident.” Oh my!! So yeah that afternoon/evening was pure chaos. Luckily she walked out of the ER with only bumps, bruises, scrapes, and a bit less skin on one side of her butt. The biggest issue was her pride.

If you had encountered Sissy at any time after the crash you would have thought “What an ungrateful spoiled brat!”

Which she is but I can somewhat understand her frustration that day. Here she is being boarded up and all her clothes cut off by guys she personally knows because she played softball with them. I would definitely be embarrassed too! So the next day she is ranting about she didn’t understand why she had to be C-collared, and boarded, and all that hospital crap, when she said she was fine.

Where I jump in and say, “Well generally when your body has enough force flying into the back of an SUV to bust the window, they really believe that something has to be broke or damaged inside.”

To which she replies, “Well it wasn’t my body! It was my head! Want to see the marks on my helmet?”

No joke that’s what she said to me. So I ask, “Okay since when is your head not part of your body?”

She stammers, “Well you know what I mean!”

“Yeah, yeah. Still when your body or head hits at that speed you NEED to be checked out.”

Now don’t get me wrong my Sissy is not stupid. She has a degree from college in business management or something like that. (she only changed it like 8 times)

You see all three of us have acquired totally different specialties or gifts. I have my brain and ability to absorb all the knowledge around me whether I want to or not. Sis has the ability to barely want to be preggo and here comes the baby makin’ machine. (I blame her for my inability to become preggo, you see she got all the reproducing genes.) Then finally Sissy has the ability to be a mover/workaholic. At one point she was attending college full time, PLUS working two jobs. She is crazy, however motivated to get what she wants. So when you want everything, that was probably the right gift.

I have so many more stories on how my family amuses me so stay tuned for more.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Operation Mission Monkey Day!!!

Hello blog-world! I am participating in what's known around the world as Mission Monkey day! What is Mission Monkey you ask? Well, there's this blogger friend of ours known as Pixie Momma, aka Michelle. Michelle has a little girl, or Monkey as she's known by who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. To learn more about it, click here. Monkey is a sweet little 16 month old girl. She doesn't deserve this. Nobody deserves this.

But the good news is that Monkey only has Stage 1 (low risk). The bad news is the medical bills are mounting and the Physical Therapy (starts today) isn't covered by insurance. Michelle is using the donated money to offset medical bills. She will donate and unused portion to another family dealing with the same issue.

This is why the blogging universe is banning together like never before to rally around Michelle and Monkey to provide support. In addition to further entice you to lend your hand, and donate to the cause, we have over 50 items that have been donated. Many bloggers are hosting these fabulous giveaways and all you need to win one of these items is just one raffle ticket.
Donation pages:

Princess of Sarcasm
The One and Only Oka
Jenn B Says #1
Jenn B Says #2
Mommy's Nest
Chief's Hiding From the Kids

You may donate any amount of money via PayPal as it's linked directly to Michelle's bank account. However, in order to be a part of the raffle, this is how that's going to go. If you donate the following, you get the subsequent number of entries:

•$10 - 2 entries
•$20 - 5 entries
•$30 - 10 entries
•$40 - 15 entries
•$50 - 20 entries
•$75 - 35 entries
•$100 - 50 entries
•$200 - 125 entries

The raffles for each item will start on or around July 1st.

Click on monkey to donate...please help!

If you are donating money via PayPal, I need to know who it's coming from. For example, look at the first half of the picture to the right.

The link takes to you this screen. >>>>>>>>

Press the plus sign and then indicate YOUR blog name/blog email address so I can track you accordingly.  >>>>>>

And, here's the thing: this could be any of our kids.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your donation.
But hold on there is a ton more you can do!!!
There are also a few other things going on to celebrate Mission Monkey please visit them all!!


Supah Mommy's Swag Bag

Details available by clicking HERE. CASH PRIZES!!

Kerri’s ClutterKerri over at Kerri's Klutter is donating $1 for each and every linkup she receives for her weekly meme, Comment Love Letters. In addition, Adrienne is matching Kerri's donation dollar for dollar! Go and link up and support Mission Monkey!  


ZGirl and Travis are participating in a weight loss challenge and they are asking for your sponsorship. Please visit them and lend your support!

Jenn over at BabyStepsInHighHeels has a challenge where she's going to donate $1 for every comment/new follower from now until the end of May. Please visit her!

So what ya waiting for???? Ya got plenty of places to go, people to see, and a Monkey Mission in front of you. Get Moving!!! 

Take Care!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Theory Thursday – I must be old fashioned

So I have come to the conclusion I’m old fashioned. This is probably what my grandmother had always tried to teach me. I was raised the oldest of three girls on a farm. Yeah with no brothers. So guess who got to do the hard work…Yup me and the sisters. (only when they got older, I have three years on the next) As we grew up we were taught simple and what I found basic morals such as:
  • You know that Golden Rule “Treat others as you want to be treated.”
  • You have to work hard for what you want, things are not always handed to you.
  • Truth is always the best, even if it might hurt.
  • Stand up for what you know is right.
  • Defend/Help those that can’t do it themselves.
  • Life isn’t always fair.
  • It’s better to give than get.
  • Be a leader not a follower.
You know all the basic principles to create a well rounded individual. Well here is why I believe I am old fashioned. Either that or other parents are forgetting and giving in. Here is my biggest one that it seems no one is teaching anymore…
  • Respect is not something you can demand and receive. It must be earned and reciprocated.
I will tell you why. If you are not a step-parent I’ll explain a bit about transition days. They are the first day/evening when the kids change homes. (ie Mom’s to Dad’s in case that wasn’t clear) They are generally no matter what a tough day, no matter what the age of the kid/kids are. Well our transition days here have progressively spiraled down to the depths of HE#$ nowhere!!!! I won’t elaborate to much on how horrible their worthless, homeless, lazy, un-employed, alcoholic, mother is. The girls are having a rough time dealing with bouncing all over the place with them not knowing where they will be next.
Problem is she doesn’t want to tell them no and tries her best to be the “good parent.” Not the good as in take care of the properly, good as in the one that spoils, caters, and jumps at every demand so that she can remain the one they pick because at 4 they don’t know any better yet.
This is so hard when here the girls had manners at one point. (Having to remind them to say it again is exhausting, I did it once already) That they don’t call each other or anyone else horrible names. That a time out means you WILL sit there until I SAY YOU CAN MOVE! (that goes for blinking too, ok maybe not but you know)
That just because you mother despises the fact that I can take better care of you, and you LOVE me, and tell me that in front of her, DOES NOT mean you can hit me and scream “Mommy says to HATE you!!” Oh yes they have. I had to leave the room and bawl after that. Surprisingly not for what they said, but for there mom for the fact she is going to teach the girls these things. That she is going to after over three years start playing these games with the girls.
We are trying to stay consistent in teaching the girls right from wrong when they are here. Explaining what their mother tells them to do to me is not respectful or nice. That you can catch more flies with honey, oh wait I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say. I’m trying my best to stay pleasant and respectful on exchanges, as tough as it is I do. So now that I’ve opened the door of the bloggy world to my chaos as a step-mom I’m sure you will hear more.

Don’t forget Mission Monkey!!
Click her button on the left to see details or tune in tomorrow for all the ways you can donate and help too!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I meant to say… to that chauvinistic..(sorry it’s a bit long)

I haven’t done the Meme at Chief’s in awhile but after Monday night I just had to vent. Come join us in the never ending adventure on letting out our true thoughts, feelings, and exactly What I meant to say… with Chief. Click on her fabulous button below!!! Oh and she is raffling off her Meme for Mission Monkey!! click on the adorable little Monkey over on the left there and go see why we are helping this little one!!!
So a little background if your new here. My hubby is a fire/EMS addict. I don’t just mean when we have the time he goes on calls, no we don’t hardly ever leave the area in fear there will be a call he will miss. So anyway he finally convinced me to jump into this world of his and take the EMT class with him and I did. I also joined our local ambulance department. Now we live in a small town, the same very small town I was raised in my whole life. EVERYONE knows me and my family in this town.
So over the last few weeks one of the guys this JERK on our department decided to blab all over town that I was installing some car seats, or showed a mom at the hospital, or some crap how to put one in and I’m not a certified installer. I was like Oh NO he isn’t. ((Some of the stuff has been shortened but I’m sure you will understand. I cant exactly explain two hours of bickering in a post, next time I’ll tape it))
He then went to my hubby at work in front of a co-worker very loud, stern in his words (yelling in mine and everyone else’s) “you need to tell your wife to knock that crap off or she is going to get this department in big trouble!”
My lovely Hubby says to him, “I have no idea what your talking about, who gave you what information, but she is not doing anything like that and never would!!” (He wouldn’t really talk like this but something along those lines.)
After my Hubby left for the day the Jerk decided to talk more to the other coworker there, “I know she did it. The other three women on this department told me they didn’t do it when I asked. I don’t care what they say I know she is doing it and she will get in trouble!!” Which was pleasant information after I had just finished supper. UGH
So as he talked every day to more and more people in this community, my phone kept ringing. I don’t think he realizes exactly what I meant when I said EVERYONE knows me here, and they KNOW that I know better. Everyone wanting to know what on Earth is this guy talking about. Simply put I said “you know me, and you know that I wouldn’t do that”. Conversation over.
So here comes our ambulance meeting on Monday night. Oh GRAND!! I’m so excited. So I sat away from the table this time you see only because this jerk has an anger and attitude problem. Who knows what he might do. I’ve witnessed other meetings where the table suffered from him getting mad and hitting it. I wasn’t going to sit close enough to see that again. As the meeting progressed people were voicing there opinions on things, and every time I or the other guys on the department would (whom the jerk has a tiff with right now too, shall we say hold a grudge much??) the Jerk would yell at us to “SHUT-UP” “you don’t know what your talking about so Shut up” Yeah this grown man of 40+ can only come up with shut up. I mean come on?!? What no education?!? So at that moment I was quiet I let it go that was until it was my time to shine.
When they asked for new business. I of course did! In the politest way possible I started “I believe that I deserve an apology. I’ve been accused of doing something I haven’t and it is continuing to be spread amongst the community. I want it to stop and I would..”
Jerk loudly interrupts “You need to knock this off I know your doing it I know your the one that is..”
SO I INTERRUPT!! “One quit shaking and pointing your finger at me!! Two I am not yelling you don’t need to either.”
There was a lot more input from various others. Some that had no right to make an input because they are never there (Jerk had to call in reinforcements HA HA!! now who is afraid of who?!? You had to bring back up to fight me?!?!) A ton more of the Jerk yelling including one moment where he in fact got out of his seat and came towards me finger shaking. I so wanted him to get closer because I was not backing down!! Get in my face I dare you!
I just shook my head and smiled. Eventually I ended with “I have been no where near where it happened. You have been told repeatedly that I did not do it. I want an apology for being accused with out the chance to defend myself, and for the fact that you asked in the beginning when I applied if the fact we were married was going to be an issue and it hasn’t been till now and not by our fault by yours. You should have called me and talked to me not address him (hubby) here at work. My number is on that roster list just like everyone else’s”
There was a bit of a pause by all and they are staring at me. I about died with what happened next he actually looked at me and in a human tone of voice he said “ you are right that was not very respectful I’m sorry”
I about fell over. So after all that bickering, non-stop fighting all night, apology from me later. I was happy with what I said I just wish I could have said “ You Zip them lying, good for nothing lips, that you spew SH*% out of every day to anyone you can threaten into listening to you. I don’t deserve to be treated like I have been here. I flat out can see why no other woman has stuck around on this unbelievably rotten, one-sided, chauvinistic, male-ego boosting, disgrace of a department you have all created. You don’t threaten or scare me and no matter what you say or do I am going nowhere. I know to many people in this town and if you keep messing with me I can and will make your life  miserable. You will be in tears rolling on the floor begging like a baby trying to figure why this is all happening to you. I was raised to defend myself and those that can not defend themselves. I have worked hard to be where I am and I will not give in to a worthless man. Women are superior so deal with it. Respect is not something you can demand and receive. It must be earned and reciprocated. This will only be the beginning of the war if you don’t keep that white flag of yours waving. Consider this your last warning if the war paint goes on, it will never come off again. Now apologize and kiss my feet!”
Ok so maybe not the kissing the feet part but ahh what the heck this is my dream I can say what I want.
So if you are an avid reader here at Mommy’s Theories you can tell as of late that the men around here are really beginning to tick me off. I’m just going to have to fix that.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post it Note Tuesday – Tarzan ‘Tude!!

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