Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When Hubby's Cook.....

So the other night I got a real treat. The hubby decided to fix dinner. So nice of him. He made one of the few things he can make, spaghetti.

Now my hubby is the stereotypical bachelor type cook. You know the few easy things that they can make that eventually need very little if any at all combustible action to finish. Like mac n’ cheese, scrambled eggs, ramen, and of course you can’t forget the grilled cheese sandwiches. Plus anything they can throw in a microwave or no big hassle in the oven.

So now it’s November and that of course means venison. The hubby’s absolute favorite meal of all I really do believe. He cherishes hunting season so much that it is the only time of year he takes a vacation. Welcome to living in Northern Michigan.

So I come home to him telling me he wants venison steaks for dinner last night. So okay I get it all out get it all started. He decides he is going to offer to help me. HA yeah right!! Flashes from last year fly through my mind.

Coming home to so many cars stopped on the main road in front of my house. I mean main road in the terms of our house is about 20 ft from the curb of a major highway. No one going anywhere all just staring at the house. Fire trucks everywhere, lights flashing, firefighters running all over. People standing and gawking at my house, pure, total, and absolute mass chaos.
Ok OK! So I’m exaggerating it wasn’t that BAD. Nothing like that at all in fact just my imagination.

Last year however he did try to cook some steaks. I did come home to smoke filling my whole kitchen and lots of that horrid burnt smell filling my home. Lasted for days after, just as if the house really did catch on fire.

So of course I’m like “OH NO! I got it dear, we don’t need a repeat.” He just grins.

So I finish cooking we enjoy our meal and today I’m so thankful that my hubby wants to help me. That he will cook things he know he can. That he will offer to help, even though he knows he has no idea how to do it. Plus most of all that we still have a house and the hubby hasn’t decided to try to cook anything new since then. Sometimes I wish he would venture yet I cherish our house/home more. : )

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Tomorrow!!!

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