Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The chaotic flood gates have opened!

Here I sit attempting to read my assignment from the first night of class....

Yes homework the very first night... and I wanted to do this why?? Suddenly high school flashbacks are zooming through my head. Not like I don’t have enough spinning around in there already. *sigh*

Ohhhh ‘cuz I love my hubby!! That’s right. Three years of begging , wait no, he says he never did. With the hubby’s constant persistence, the adventure has begun.
So two chapters to read from this book, so big and so heavy QueenB and Toughie earlier tonight couldn’t even lift it off the table together.

Really was quite a humorous sight. I sat there giggling to myself as they struggled and grunted because its flopping and twisting on them, why it’s not hardcover who knows, it’s heavy enough why not a little more right? Anyway so all in all it results with the book on the floor, just missing the little toes, and the girls looking at me only to bust out laughing so hard I though Toughie was going to fall over. So I pick up the book to move to the other table so they can then sit to do their puzzles at that one. For some reason just because their chairs are there it’s there table or something. Who knew…

So back to present time. Maybe them high school flashbacks were for a good reason. My study habits are, well shall we say rusty. For example:

  • Turn off the TV, oh but NCIS is on….
  • Don’t sit by the computer, darn Facebook addiction….
  • Turn off the phone, but I have to Tweet, Text, RING!! Answer it! When someone so intent on talking to me has called three times in a row, I tried to ignore, the phone that is not the caller, I think that means it‘s important. Don‘t you?….. It really wasn’t.

Wow so much we forget in such a short time, well would 8 yrs be considered a short time, kind of a long time for me I think. Or would that be feel….Oh well. So now I find myself yet again back to the computer but have pulled myself from the glorious Facebook only to revert to my blog. Plus chatting on IM mind you. (Think I got a friend addicted as well OOOPS, to blogging that is or well she will be here shortly *snickering* )

Now the clock is almost at 11. Homework is not done not even close. Dryer stopped hours ago, “hey folding fairy…where did you go?!?!” My bed is calling my name, has been for days.

With tears in my eyes I shall bid you ado, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Computer, and all means of technology and or communication outlets to the outside :) Goodnight!!!!


Helene said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! I admire your ability to balance everything...motherhood, school, life in general!!! Way to go!! Homework the first night of class should be illegal...that's just wrong...LOL!!

Thanks for the follow! I'm following you now too! Always nice to meet other twin moms!

Mommy said...

Awesome!! Twin mom's are the best! Look forward to sharing with you!

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