Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Sis, what was she thinking!

So not only am I embarking on furthering my education and becoming and EMT. My Sis is taking online college classes as well. So in one class she has to give these speeches. Now that isn’t the problem. The problem has been getting 5 adults together at the same times to be able to video tape the speech with 5 adult heads in the picture. Ummm Hello Teacher we all have lives. So it took three days of trying and eventually she did her speech with 5 heads in the shot and mailed it off. Check that off the list.

Then next was her math. They call it beginning algebra. YEAH RIGHT!! I haven’t done that algebra since I was in 8th grade what was she thinking that I could help. So last night we sit down to try and figure it all out. At least she can take the quiz up to three times. The first time she failed, we will see how this go around comes out. So here we sit to grown woman being stumped speechless with just one problem and we have twenty-seven more to go. Going to be a long evening. We racked our brains, wrote out problems till our hands hurt, and eventually resulted to an “educated” guess on a few if that’s what you could call our answers. We submitted the quiz and well, not what she wanted but almost double what she got the first time.

So she then decides to inform me she has a twenty question exam that has to be done by midnight tonight. Plus if she wants to take the quiz over one more time then it has to be tonight too. So I bring home her book to look over and see if I can figure out how to do the problems we missed. I’m sitting here this morning dreading the fact I agreed to come back and help her through it all over again. The plus side I think I figured out what we were doing wrong.

Now I’m definitely sure that when it comes time I need to practice things from my class on someone, she will definitely be the victim. : ) I plan on duct taping her to the back board and everything! HA HA HA Oh the paybacks are going to be endless I’m already sure and we haven’t even started today.

Good thing I decided to write now too, instead of when I returned home with a brain of goo and a slight twitch. *twitch* “Come on girls lets get going.” *twitch* Oh no it’s starting already. *sigh* Oh well the things we do for family.

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