Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Birthday Present!!!

So here it is. My Birthday! Another year gone and another to set off on new adventures. Most people set new year’s resolutions, well not me I set birthday goals. I have things set in my mind that I want to accomplish before then. That will probably be another post. This one is all about what I got for my present this year.

Yesterday Daddy and his brother (Kit I’ll call him : ) an acronym for him and only I know why) were here to install my dish washer. Now the house we live in was my grandmother’s. It is well over a hundred years old. So of course It’s not like there was a place to put it in. So the spot we picked we don’t hardly use the drawers they just contain junk. Amazing how we all have a junk drawer. Then the cupboard was full of all of my grandma’s stuff I still haven’t put anywhere or gotten rid of. Plus the floors in this place are so unlevel. Can't have anything on wheels it's like riding a rollercoaster through the house! Well maybe not that bad but you get the idea. So here is the spot.

Next Kit cut it all out.
No turning back now!

Then next was the plumbing… All I have to say is good thing we were doing this because apparently our drain was leaking so it all had to be replaced! Here it is our brand new plumbing! LOL Daddy wasn’t happy it cost us more money. OOPS but still what’s he crying about, that little money just saved us a whole LOT of money later, right? So eventually after running out to my parents farm to get a part for something and a trip to Menard’s for the plumbing parts it was finally in. Including water being sprayed all over at one point. "Hey Kit ya can't turn on the sink when a hose is undone!!" Here's the new plumbing see...

And then it was in!!!

Now all that’s left is to make a little shelf next to it and frame it all in. But after Daddy and Kit both worked the night before took a nap and then installed my dishwasher. As long as it works, and I can use it I can wait for cosmetics! Now where to put the mountain of stuff that came out of there. Hmmmm....

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