Monday, November 2, 2009

New Adventures!!

In this post and probably many more I will refer to my girls as Toughie and QueenB. That is what they are. I have my little Tough Tomgirl and my little Tender QueenB, well Tender on most days, others not so much.

So over the last week and still continuing this week we have definitely had and are having our own set of new adventures.

Last week the school went on the splendid H1N1 vacation. So now my whole daily routine has been thrown back into the chaotic days of summer but undoubtedly without the warm weather. Shall we say cabin fever! Add that all on top of the sugar injections, which results in overdoses, then the coma that ensues afterwards from this weekend, and we now have had a great Meltdown Monday!! Which oh so thanks to that pager started at 5:45 am this morning. :)

QueenB newest adventure was getting glasses last Thursday - (Toughie goes back tomorrow to see if she does too) So now who‘s bright idea was it to put glasses on a four year old. Oh I’m not raising my hand to claim that one. The fun has only just begun but the last four and a half days have been so much fun.

One she won’t leave them alone. They are the new toy, not only for her but sissy too. How many times can you say don’t touch and leave them alone before it actually gets heard?

Two she thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. *sigh* I’m sure that will change. Oh and Toughie can’t wait till she goes back tomorrow to get hers too. Oh I’m sure the meltdowns will continue to Tuesday if she doesn’t get glasses too. That’s the hardest thing with twins, you can’t just have one of something no matter what it is.

Three add another item to the list of daily things to clean, and because of number one its often more than once a day. I mean how is she supposed to see better when they are filthy. Hmmm don’t remember having to keep washing the eyeballs….

Four how many times must we have the conversation,

“Time for bed your glasses need to go in the case.”
“But I need to see to sleep”
“Your eyes are closed when you sleep you don’t need them to see”

What does she have some great works of art on the back of those eyelids I wasn’t aware of. Course the glasses still won’t help to see that, well if they were or are there. Again kids say the darndest things sometimes.

So the last but not least has to be my latest adventure. It only took my hubby about three years to convince me but I have finally enrolled and start my EMT class tonight. Just another chunk of time to add to my already chaotic schedule on top of finding a sitter as well two to three times a week. So now I get to leave Toughie & QueenB in the hands of my hubby’s good friend. Yeah he is good with kids but can he handle the climax and grand finale of a Meltdown Monday?? Course tonight will probably be like signing that dotted line on the phrase he uttered to me the other day, “ after spending a day in your life, I’m really thinking about getting snipped.” Guess we will find out the verdict tonight when we get home from class. :)

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Melissa said...

I had glasses as a kid and I can't tell you how many times my parents (or any adult) would say, how can you even see with those on! Those are FILTHY! LOL It's amazing, but yes you can see through the filth and smudges better than if you didn't wear glasses. So don't sweat it too much.

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