Friday, October 30, 2009

Where has the courteous hello gone?

What is it people are afraid of these days?

Why not say hello to some stranger today? Everyone used to say hi to everyone they came into contact with. Everyone knew everyone else too. I understand there weren’t that many of us back then but come on. What makes today any different? I understand the craziness of the way things are today that can cause the fear. However does a simple “Hello, how ya doing?” mean they now know your name, your address, where you work, etc? No it doesn’t. If you don’t give out the information then they won’t know.

My biggest thought is there are so many unhappy, frustrated, and worn out people in the world anymore that probably don’t have anyone to listen to them. When your having a bad day don’t you want to be able to share it, to get it out, be able to let go? I know I do. I feel blessed I have a select few people I am able to so to speak vent to. Don’t you feel better when you do to? Keeping everything bottled up is like having a hand grenade with the pin barely hanging in there. One more thing could set someone off, make that pin slip out. Which I think is why so many people today are going crazy. No one wants to listen anymore.

So I ask the true question, “Why Not?” Take the time. Say hello, ask how their day went, if they open up let them. Just listen. An open ear is the most valuable thing these days. As well as very rare. People are so busy, so consumed in their own chaotic life, they don’t tend to realize what may be happening right in front of their face. I’m not asking you to strike up an hour long conversation about everything going on, but if you got 30 seconds you have the time to smile and give a “HI” or “Have a nice day.”

Or you don’t even have to speak say your walking down the sidewalk, hallway at your work, wherever and someone drops something. Help them pick it up, smile and go on. Wouldn’t you like someone to stop for you? Simply stopping and opening your eyes maybe you will see what I mean. Everyone has such a sad, or straight face anymore no one is smiling. Go ahead I dare you stop and look around. Tell me what you see.

I promise to you that you will walk away with this grand feeling. Very confident knowing you helped someone today. Maybe it was something little but you still made a difference. You may not think it was that much but I’m sure the one you listened to has quite a weight lifted from them. Or the one you helped may pass it on by helping someone else. Plus who knows you may find a great friend out of it depending on where you choose to perform this task you could call it. Especially if its someone you pass day after day. Some people just need to take the first step and the chain reaction will soon follow. This whole thing reminds me of that commercial for an insurance company or something where one person helps, someone sees, then they help and so on. Can’t for the life of me remember the name but I’m sure you have seen it to.

So will you take my dare? Stop and take a look. Make something happen, or make someone’s day. Either way someone will benefit from it.

Reaction to my H1N1 post on Facebook

So I recently had posted a video on my Facebook about how the H1N1 vaccine had mercury in it. Now I’m not going to preach you my beliefs on getting you or your kids vaccinated however I am going to share with you the result of what happened when I posted it. There is in fact mercury in the shot under a different name Thimerosal.

Anyway the comments on my post EXPLODED!! Within two hours I had over 40 posts and a few ladies almost to the point of throwing of the gloves to throw the punches. The discussion itself was unbelievable with views from both sides of the fence. If anyone of my FB friends was undecided or lost as to where to research things there was plenty of info and info sites for them to go to. Later the jabs kept going and at one point ended up getting rather personal. I had to eventually step in to referee and say enough is enough you all have your points, they have been made, and I greatly appreciate it. However due to the fact I use my FB primarily for my home business I had to step in and remove some not so nice posts.

I also was recently having a discussion with a coworker of my husbands about how we were rather undecided on shots. His kids had had a previous vaccination that was useless in his opinion because his kids still got what the vaccination was to prevent. So we were discussing on why we were leaning more towards no. About how the shot doesn’t prevent anything you can still get it. Another of the guys there then jumped in and said well you are the reason we are all getting sick! I was appalled. Just because I don’t vaccinate myself, for the simple reason I can’t have any shots I get sick from something in all shots, doesn’t mean I’m the reason.

I believe wholeheartedly that the main reasons are attributed to parents not teaching their kids simple and basic hygiene anymore. I recently was at my daughters school and was amazed that my girls and two other kids of 20 were the only ones to immediately go wash their hands after such things as eating and going to the bathroom. The others were very difficult and just short of dragging them to perform which should be a natural and rehearsed task. Then with all the budget cuts and so on, cleaning in schools has been one very important piece severely effected. It has nothing to do with vaccinations why we are all sick its due to lack of hygiene and habits that should be taught to our kids!

It’s amazing to me how the whole vaccination subject has become the new religion discussion. Everyone has their own religion, beliefs, morals, and so on. No one can make that decision for you and the same goes for the shots. It ultimately comes down to what you believe. If you want the shots get them! If you don’t then don’t! But don’t attack those that choose the opposite of you. Discuss it sure but be civil about it. Respect each others beliefs. I know each and every one of us don’t like being told what to do, so it goes back to grade school and that praised golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you would like to look at the video and the discussion feel free to add me as a friend and look in my links you won’t miss it!

The Beginning

So I figured it would only be appropriate to make my first post a background of me and what I intend to write for your enjoyment and or for your enlightenment.

I’ve grown up and now live in the same small town in Northern Nowhereville Michigan. One of them where everyone knows you, your family, what your doing, and where you’ve been types of towns. All in all it makes it a great and not so great place to live. Don’t get me wrong I love the small town feel. The jump when someone needs help aspect of the community. When someone’s in need there are always people there. The support of a so to speak extra large family. I was a farm raised girl who wouldn’t baulk at hard work or rough housing with the boys. I grew up with only two sister’s but seemed to have gathered several brothers along the way. For some reason they thought I needed protections when really they were the ones needing it from me.

So now I have married, and convinced my hubby to move here with me. We have twin daughters who keep this life of mine at its peak of craziness. All in all what else is the life of a wife and mommy right? My hubby is a Fire/EMS addict so at any given moment of the day our plans/lives can be totally changed and or rearranged if that pager happens to go off. Which in my eyes is a blessing and an honor in some aspects. It takes a strong person to be able to drop everything they are doing, and in some situations risk their life, to come and help you in your time of need.

So I am a SAHM and love every minute of this chaotic life. I’m a social site addict, caffeine dependent, don’t cross me or you will pay type of woman. I have always used some form of journaling as a so to speak therapy and am now choosing to share with you my every thought, theory, rant, rave, or anything else I feel like writing. I can’t guarantee that you will agree with the way my mind works or thinks, however I do believe you will find enjoyment out of what I write. So here we go off on this glorious adventure!
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