Friday, October 30, 2009

The Beginning

So I figured it would only be appropriate to make my first post a background of me and what I intend to write for your enjoyment and or for your enlightenment.

I’ve grown up and now live in the same small town in Northern Nowhereville Michigan. One of them where everyone knows you, your family, what your doing, and where you’ve been types of towns. All in all it makes it a great and not so great place to live. Don’t get me wrong I love the small town feel. The jump when someone needs help aspect of the community. When someone’s in need there are always people there. The support of a so to speak extra large family. I was a farm raised girl who wouldn’t baulk at hard work or rough housing with the boys. I grew up with only two sister’s but seemed to have gathered several brothers along the way. For some reason they thought I needed protections when really they were the ones needing it from me.

So now I have married, and convinced my hubby to move here with me. We have twin daughters who keep this life of mine at its peak of craziness. All in all what else is the life of a wife and mommy right? My hubby is a Fire/EMS addict so at any given moment of the day our plans/lives can be totally changed and or rearranged if that pager happens to go off. Which in my eyes is a blessing and an honor in some aspects. It takes a strong person to be able to drop everything they are doing, and in some situations risk their life, to come and help you in your time of need.

So I am a SAHM and love every minute of this chaotic life. I’m a social site addict, caffeine dependent, don’t cross me or you will pay type of woman. I have always used some form of journaling as a so to speak therapy and am now choosing to share with you my every thought, theory, rant, rave, or anything else I feel like writing. I can’t guarantee that you will agree with the way my mind works or thinks, however I do believe you will find enjoyment out of what I write. So here we go off on this glorious adventure!

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