Wednesday, November 11, 2009

School bus policy??

So my sister is feuding with the school bus system right now. My nephew, whom I call Booger, goes to school every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon. He rides the bus in the mornings and then only on the Friday drop off.

So here is the dilemma. My Sis in the morning gets 5 yr old Booger around for school and shortly before the bus comes she has two kids dropped off she watches. So she now has 5 kids 5 and under in her house and only her. She will have the other kids in her living room with the window open, if they aren’t sleeping, and her and Booger will go out the door. She will stand by the window and watch as he goes down the driveway. Mind you a very long driveway, well not that long but long enough. I’d say maybe football field length.

Well the other day he is half way down the driveway and the bus fly’s on by. Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t look. Nothing. She calls the bus garage and all they told her well if he wasn’t by the road then they don’t have to stop. WTF can that be right?!? I mean what about the middle of a snow storm? What about if he is standing there, but behind the tree so he just happened to not see him? When I went to school the bus stopped honked and looked at the house if they didn’t see us then they went. Have things changed that much? So the bus ended up picking him up on the way back which was about 30 minutes later said they wouldn’t do it again.

So second part was yesterday again my Sis is home with 4 kids and when she saw it was about the time for the bus to bring Booger home she got up to open the window and the bus is flying away! WTF he’s early she then calls the bus garage and asks “why did the bus just go right by my house?”

Lady replies “well the driver said no one was out there”

My Sis is irate now “He didn’t give me time to get out the door, he just flew on by! I can’t just be standing out there everyday I have these kids in here, can’t leave them, isn’t he suppose to stop and look?”

“Well I can understand you can’t leave the other kids but school policy we can’t leave kids alone either”

My Sis says “ I understand that policy it’s a good one but still he didn’t stop he”

Lady interrupts her “yes he did”

Now my sis is pissed “No he didn’t!! This is ridiculous! I can’t be out at that road waiting and leave all these kids in here! These issues need to stop! He has to stop and give me at least 15 seconds to go to the door and wave or something.”

“Ma’am I I I well he does stop I’m not aware of your other issues and”

My Sis now cuts her off “well whatever HE better come back and drop off my son!”

“He does drive back by there at about ten to four”

“Ok fine someone will be down there”

She hangs up and calls me. So I get to her house I’m standing at the end of the driveway.

It’s ten to four….then five to….now four.

My other sister, Sissy we will call her. Pulls in wonders what’s up. I fill her in the short version. She gets mad now, I find out later she witnessed the other morning thing. So she takes off down the road on her bike. (yes she is crazy its 40 degrees out and she won’t give up riding quite yet she is probably paying for that ride today) Anyway she goes about three miles or so down the road and finally see’s the bus. So she comes back.

So finally at five after four he pulls up.

Booger is home, no tears shed, as far as we know.

So fifteen minutes, let alone the 5 min walk down and back, the “school” is wanting her to leave the other kids in the house ALONE because she HAS to be at the end of the driveway so the bus driver can SEE her to drop Booger off. That’s absurd!

Why can’t he stop and look up the drive to see her? Oh right time. Is that it, he doesn’t have the time to stop? Oh wait isn’t that his job to stop and let the kids off or does he just open the door and kick them out at the parents as he fly’s by. Here catch your kid!

When I was a kid we were let off at home no matter what. They didn’t check to see if anyone was there it was here you go have a nice night see you tomorrow or whatever. So have the school’s gone way to over board on some of the policies or are the way they are enforcing them is the problem.

Tell me what’s your opinion? What does your school allow? What about when you were a kid? I’d like to know your perspective.

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