Monday, May 24, 2010

Proving stereotypes have some truth.

My family has always amused me. There is never a dull moment when we are all together. No matter what, you can always count on a laugh at from with my youngest sister, Sissy. All three of us My sister’s were born blonde (not me, nope I’m a red head, that’s what I’m sticking with, have been for months years my whole life) and Sissy definitely has fit the stereotype of being blonde over and over and over again. Here are a couple examples:

I remember once the three of us sitting in the mall food court talking about a family friend that was moving to Alaska. Sis and I were talking about the fact that the long drive has to be getting pretty tedious, going on 4 days or something like that.

When Sissy says, “Drive? How can they drive across the ocean?”

“What?!” We wanted to make sure we heard her right.

“I said how can they drive on the ocean?”

We bust up laughing!!

Blank stare at us she is like “What’s so funny? Alaska is in the middle of the ocean, right next to Hawaii! You can’t drive on the ocean.”

I finally catch my breath to ask her something along the lines of “ Do we honestly attend the same school? I wish I had a map.” So after explaining to her how the map works she finally understood, I think…

Story number two happened just recently:

Not only is Sissy the blonde airhead intellectually challenged of all of us, she tends to be the adventurous one. Now Sis and I love a great challenge, but Sissy tends to seek them out constantly. Last summer she took and passed the classes to ride a motorcycle. Shocked us all but she loves it. So last Thursday my Mother, whom was over 10 hours from home got that call. “Ma’am your daughter has been in an accident.” Oh my!! So yeah that afternoon/evening was pure chaos. Luckily she walked out of the ER with only bumps, bruises, scrapes, and a bit less skin on one side of her butt. The biggest issue was her pride.

If you had encountered Sissy at any time after the crash you would have thought “What an ungrateful spoiled brat!”

Which she is but I can somewhat understand her frustration that day. Here she is being boarded up and all her clothes cut off by guys she personally knows because she played softball with them. I would definitely be embarrassed too! So the next day she is ranting about she didn’t understand why she had to be C-collared, and boarded, and all that hospital crap, when she said she was fine.

Where I jump in and say, “Well generally when your body has enough force flying into the back of an SUV to bust the window, they really believe that something has to be broke or damaged inside.”

To which she replies, “Well it wasn’t my body! It was my head! Want to see the marks on my helmet?”

No joke that’s what she said to me. So I ask, “Okay since when is your head not part of your body?”

She stammers, “Well you know what I mean!”

“Yeah, yeah. Still when your body or head hits at that speed you NEED to be checked out.”

Now don’t get me wrong my Sissy is not stupid. She has a degree from college in business management or something like that. (she only changed it like 8 times)

You see all three of us have acquired totally different specialties or gifts. I have my brain and ability to absorb all the knowledge around me whether I want to or not. Sis has the ability to barely want to be preggo and here comes the baby makin’ machine. (I blame her for my inability to become preggo, you see she got all the reproducing genes.) Then finally Sissy has the ability to be a mover/workaholic. At one point she was attending college full time, PLUS working two jobs. She is crazy, however motivated to get what she wants. So when you want everything, that was probably the right gift.

I have so many more stories on how my family amuses me so stay tuned for more.


Dr. Heckle said...

Hilarious! I'm just glad that she was okay! I've heard a lot of horror stories from motorcycle accidents.

And I agree with "Sissy," your head is totally separate from your body... ;P lol

Krista said...

That is funny stuff! We all need to have a blonde or two in our circle of friends if you're not lucky enough to have one in the family!

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