Monday, June 14, 2010

They say opposites attract… truth?? (and Red Lobster)

So that is what they say, right? Well who are they, and I’d really like to ask them to prove their theory. Course that would only mean that the hubby and I are truly destined to be together. Not that I don’t want that to be the case, just sometimes it can be frustrating. I’ll give you some examples.

  • Hubby has to always be early and I’m not talking 10 or 15 minutes. No I’m talking more like 30 to an hour. He has to be at his work at 9:30 every night and doesn’t start till 10:30. I on the other hand I am not late however 5 minutes before is plenty for most things. 10 on the important things like oh a Doctor’s appointment or something. This cause’s the most issues when we need to go somewhere with the kids and I have to get them and myself ready in the same time he gets ready. Yeah I’m magical like that!!
  • Hubby is a morning person. I am not. Enough said. Makes mornings here real rough.
  • Hubby is a worrying, anal, drive himself crazy over something that needs to be done. Doesn’t matter if its something for now or months down the road. I am a huge PROCRASTINATOR!! Hard to believe I know, but I am. If I have a deadline to meet I do its just I cram all I need to do in the last possible amount of time. I hav it all planned and I know my abilities so what time I need I can do it. (like getting us three ready in same time he gets ready see?) Problem is I have to listen to his worry, his frustration, his manic malfunctions until whatever is to be done is done.
  • Hubby is a pessimist to the fullest. There is hardly ever a positive thing that can come out of his mouth on a situation. (so your wondering now why I married him?) I have the optimist point most the time. All hell is breaking lose and all I keep thinking is it will be over soon. That's optimism right? When things are rough its already bad enough. Add in his attitude and it’s like the end of the world.
  • Hubby always has to be on the go, go, GOOO. Yes always busy. I love to do things. I also love a day of just curling up on the couch and watching the TV. We end up hardly being home if the hubby is not working. Which makes him wonder why nothing was done at home that day. Go figure.
  • He hardly sleeps. I can sleep for hours on some nights and less on others. Makes his on the go fits rough on the days I want to SLEEP!
  • Hubby can not handle chaos. I thrive in it. Plus the kids are mass creators which makes some days rather amusing to play out. I create chaos some days just to see him frustrated. Mean I know but like I said I like to stir the pot. Unfortunately this does make some days with the hubby rather frustrating.
  • Hubby is a total city boy. (from the country) Constantly has to be clean, smell nice, sometimes changes clothes in the middle of the day. I embarrassingly enough (probably for him) being a country girl shower is at least every other day or third with a hair wash in there. I will wear a pair of pants more than once before I wash them. All depends on what I did. I love to get in the dirt and get filthy. Makes playing in the yard a game of trying to explain to the hubby clothes and skin do wash. (kids love the dirt too)
  • I’m thinking the hubby had a sheltered life. I was allowed to venture and try what I wanted too. Discussions on what the girls can and can’t do can lead to issues. He doesn’t want to try new things either.
  • Hubby is from another WORLD!!! I’m from earth. Sometimes I want to scream how his outlook differs so much from mine.
OK ok so you get the point. We are polar opposites. We are so north and south it’s beyond comprehendible sometimes. So the hubby and I first met at work. Yes we worked together before and during the beginning of “us.” When I first started there we basically hated one another. We avoided one another like the plague. Then one of my good friends, another co-worker in fact Lynn, had a birthday coming up. The three of us all worked the same rotation so eventually she convinced me to ask him to come out with us, give him a chance. One thing led to another and here we are. One of our other co-workers laughed so hard when we told her we were together when she finally quit rolling on the floor she said “I always knew it!! You two already fought like you were married!”

We spent the other day with Lynn in town, where we were extremely amusing to her. See the hubby and I do these little spat things I’ll call them. We bicker and tease and taunt one another and when it was said and done at one point the hubby turned to Lynn (when he lost the battle) “see what you did, torture I tell you, that’s it you love to see me tortured.” Then he grins at us and starts laughing. Her only reply, “why can’t I do so well matchmaking for myself.” (she is on her third divorce poor thing)

All in all we tell Lynn it’s her fault jokingly, however coming up on our three year wedding anniversary next month, I thank her every day.

We maybe Yin and Yang but we were meant for one another. We didn’t see it in the beginning but others did. Sometimes the best thing in the world is right under our nose so take a chance.

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Dazee Dreamer said...

wow, you guys sound just like me and my hubby. except for the being early thing. I'm the one that has to be early, but not as bad as your husband.

Way cute picture!!!!

CountessLaurie said...

Great post! I am the worrier (?) in the family, but I too can get three girls ready in the time it takes him. And usually we are waiting on him. I like to be early (5 /10 minutes). I don't think he intends to be late... he just is.

I love your picture! Too cute with the girls in the tree behind you!

Have a great day!!

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