Thursday, June 10, 2010

Locating and Agreements.

I’ve started this few day journey through how I came to be a step mom of twin’s. Yesterday I told you about the Beginning of QueenB and Toughie. I ended basically where I came in the picture. I’m trying to do this in short sweet style. It frustrates me a bunch and I tend to not talk about it much. However I thought I’d share it wondering if other’s are going through the same situation. I hope you can follow along and get most of it. Bear with me through this because I have to get it out. Thanks in advance.

  • When the hubby and I met he didn’t like to be asked or having to talk about the girls he missed them that much.
  • Frustrated with not knowing where she was after much discussion we found a lawyer.
  • Girls are now 9 months old.
  • Paid for an investigator to find her.
  • Finally found her and she was served court summons.
  • Endless harassing private phone calls came at all hours of the day and night.
  • She shows up for court and when asked if she knew he was the father why she didn’t name him in the search. She couldn’t/wouldn’t answer.
  • Have to pay close to $1000 for paternity tests.
  • Finally results come back.
  • He tries through mediation to get some time with his girls. She denies everything.
  • She does invite him to their first birthday.
  • She agrees to visits in her home once a week for two months before hubby can take them to his house.
  • Hubby does what he has too.
  • They sign a temporary agreement.
  • Eventually girls start coming every weekend to our house.
  • Girls starting staying more and longer.
  • Soon after someone (and it wasn’t us) turned her into CPS. She retaliates by with holding the girls from Hubby.
  • Takes 4 months to get a court date.
  • She tells outrageous lies with no truth.
  • We provide evidence and witness’s.
  • She is informed she has no right to with hold the girls from their dad. She should be held in contempt of the order.
  • Court order is now three night weekends. She is IRATE now.
  • After some time it happens again where the girls are staying with us more and more.
  • During these two years she has been fired from two jobs and being evicted from her third place.
  • More people have turned her in and again she retaliates. Court does nothing to her.
  • She is constantly dragging us in to CPS for falsely accusing us, (mostly me) to court for things that should be just discussed with her and the hubby, and making us constantly run around like chickens.
  • The present agreement is now four night weekends for three weeks and two nights for the fourth. It has taken forever to get this far and now that they will attend school almost full time next year it is back up for review this summer.

So of course the wars have begun again with her. It is pure craziness. That will be Friday’s post. What we are currently or the games we have dealt with dealing with her and her greed for the money.




Dazee Dreamer said...

My heart goes out to you and your hubby. I am hoping that you will just be able to get those cute girls full time. The courts really bother the crap out of me. Something really needs to be done about that. Thank goodness he is the father, and not one of the countless others she decided could have been.

waylandcook said...

I have been to court to keep my daughter against mu parents, ex and his mom. We have had CSS in our home more than family. Then they accused my hubby of trying something with my daughter and a friend (someone paid the friend to make claims) Hubby had to leave the house for over 6 weeks. When they talked to my daughter they said she talked to much like an adult and I had coachecd her. (she is homeschooled an around adults all the time). Then we haired a lawyer. They proved he was in Texas this whole time so he couldnt do it. Then they had the nerve to go to the church we were going to at the time and tell them what he was accused of even though he was found innocent. There is lots more to tell but I think I have said enough lol.

♥Cari♥ said...

I am so sorry you are going through all of this!

CountessLaurie said...

I will keep praying. It's insanity. Hopefully the court will see that he is the fit parent and not her and give you all custody...

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