Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Flashback!! (again) Senior Trip! (Friday Follow too)

So after last weeks flashback was enjoyed by so many…… ahem right? I thought I would give you another. Seems to be when ya start to reminisce it doesn’t want to stop. This next one is a few bits of a couple day trip.

So this time we are heading back to June 2001, my senior trip. Imagine it about 40 seniors packed on a bus, and not a school one thank heavens. It was one of them fancy ones with those neat little closet toilets, or in our case we called the blue lagoon. So all jam packed in the rig heading from Northern Michigan to Florida. We had two drivers so we were able to go basically non-stop except for the bathroom and of course nourishment stops.

Part 1:

So we are about 12 hours into the trip (night time) and their are bodies sleeping everywhere. We were spread across the seats, the floor, wherever we happen to find a semi-comfortable spot. Now one of my class mates had brought a big cooler. It fit perfectly in the aisle and our group in the “cool club” in the back (next to the lagoon how that was cool was beyond me) were able to have nice cold refreshments.

Awesome idea right? WRONG!!

That was until one of the guys happen to hit the drain spout in his sleep. The Urkle type of guy, “oh did I-I-I doooo thaatt?” UGH!! Yeah not something you want to wake up to at 2 am, ice cold water soaking through your shirt and pants. It was a wave reaction in the back all of us jumping up off the floor screaming. Which didn’t make the peeps upfront very happy waking up to the never ending screams. The worst part was a few of us including I didn’t have extra clothes with us on the bus. They were all down under in the compartments. Plus even though we stopped soon after they (the parents/teachers) wouldn’t let us get into our suitcases. So here we were scrounging around what clothes the guys happened to have on the bus. It definitely made for a long night that we couldn’t sleep on the floor anymore.

Part 2:

After we arrived in Florida our group decided we wanted to go to Hooter’s to eat. Turned out there was one about 1/4 mile from our hotel. Awesome!! So we all set out walking down the road to the mall where it was. We are almost there when for some reason Florida must be like Michigan in the fact that the weather can change in a split second. Yup one minute sunshine…next down pour!! So our pleasant walk has now turned into a dead run. Now this mall was rather interesting. It was up several steps (I swear a mile of 'em ) and it was a bunch of stores side by side. Hello aren't malls suppose to be all under one roof? Oh yeah no snow in Florida they can have them backwards. We finally spot the sign and as we are running there, it was if the pavement turned to ice. I literally slid, fell down while still sliding, and stood back up!! I was like damn this should be an x-treme sport or something! I would win GOLD!! Bwah ha ha. We eventually got there, ate including a hot sauce contest, enjoyed, and many pictures later, drenched clothes and all made it back to the hotel.

Part 3:

After a couple days of seeing the “must see” sites, ya know DISNEY WORLD!! It was our last night at the hotel. Well being the rule breakers we were,( I was straight A’s and never in trouble, HEY stop laughing that's the truth! ) after lights out we had the “boys” I know GASP!! in our room. HA HA we were playing games, dancing, laughing, having a GRAND ‘ole time!! That was until about 3 am when there was a knock on the door…

OH $H&%!! HIDE!! We shove the boys in the back of the room in the bathroom. Four of them packed like sardines in that hotel bathroom was a sight to remember, these were no small boys. Remember I live in the meat and tater's with the occasional corn fed area which equals some BIG boys!

So the guys all packed and settled in the bathroom. I answer the door. There standing looking at me is Two cops!! WTF!! Why are the cops here?? They inform us that there have been several noise complaints and possible underage drinking (ha I wish) and after being told to quiet down we hadn’t.

OK so first we had never been called, no hotel staff came ah knocking, Therefore NO WARNINGS!! What were these cops talking about?? Rather than argue with them I mean come on what kind of hotel is this that can’t deal with their own complaints they have to call in the “big guns.” We apologized said we were just getting ready for bed, and hinted we were never told about the complaints, they eventually said good night/morning and left.

Whew *brow wipe* that was close. Open the bathroom door and out fall the boys. Gasping for breath, mumbling something about… OMG the stench!! Stupid boys I tell ya. Shortly after the boys snuck back to their room and we did go to bed. Only to climb back on the “ever loathed loved ” cruisin’ mobile to head back home. Only to have a comment made by our class “supervisor” saying “Now let’s have a pleasant ride home and hope for no more run-ins with the law.”

Shall we say OUCH!! We were never talked to and to this day never know if it was just a general comment to her or if our room number was given. One will never know.

Hope you enjoy!!

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