Monday, April 12, 2010

True Confessions of a Wanna be green thumb.

So here it is my true confessional of the month week day time being.

I wish I had my grandmother’s green thumb. Instead no, I got the thumb of death, or dust, or well absolutely no gardening talent at all. If I was put in charge to grow a garden for us all to survive, then I’m extremely sorry folks but we are SCREWED!

Now just because I don’t have my thumb yet, (I’m staying hopeful) doesn’t mean I don’t try.

Last year I tried, and I think my setup was rather splendid in the front. What was suppose to grow back is and I’m very excited about that. I’ve taken a picture here for you to see what it looks like at this very moment and I hope as spring and summer progress I can show you what more I have accomplished. Plus the important part of what's actually growing back.


Off to the left is where I will have a gorgeous bird feeder that my Hubby’s grandpa made, that has stepping stones back to it. There are also various other garden statues/items that were put away for winter. My next goal out here is to fill in the empty areas which really only is one, and figure out what to put down to keep the grass out. (any tips would be greatly appreciated) For the most part up front here I have a theme which I’ve been old that a neighbor has named Fire and Ice. Most, if not all, my flowers are red, orange, yellow, and the bush there you can see has red leaves. It’s also a pretty picky bush, but maybe that will be a deterrent to someone trying to get in the garden later on. Now the ice comes from the glass blocks I used, which were free from a friend, and you absolutely can’t beat that.

Next was the mission of something in our back/side yard. I started it but rather lost inspiration halfway through.


We had originally tilled up a diagonal section in this corner, had placed an arbor that I’m hoping to plant climbing roses up this year. I love roses, and really hope they can bare with me and survive.


Our biggest problem is this little thing in the bottom right corner. A bunch of the stuff I planted back here she went and dug up. So far all I see coming back is what I believe are the Iris’s.


I originally had went and dug/picked all these rocks out of the rock piles at my parents farm to run along the diagonal edge to mark off the flower bed. However like I said I lost inspiration on the whole project and really all they seem to line right now is the front fence.

Whether the lack of inspiration or energy was the culprit I don’t plan on that being the issue this year. We are going to make a fence with a gate to section off a doggy part of the yard, and a people part of the yard. After that is all set, I hope that my green thumb will magically appear this year, and I’ll get to share it all later.

Off to work in the yard now can’t pass up this 70 degree day. Especially in Northern Michigan where last Thursday we woke up to snow on the ground.



Kendra said...


Well I am relieved to know that I am not the only wanna be green thumb. Somehow I never learned how to garden despite coming from a long line of farmers in my background. Even though they never showed me how to garden, I found a great e-book that will take me step by step through how to become a real gardener. The book is called Gardening Made Easy

Help! Mama Remote... said...

I wouldn't actually say I have a green thumb. I think we had a good foundation from the previous owners. Just to let you know they say Roses are very sensitive. You can use Clematis instead they are very easy and come back every year. But first try thr Roses hopefuuly they work. To keep grass out you can use that landscape fabric. I'd have to see the area to suggest some other stuff. You're doing a great job. It'll all come together. Also you're gonna have to create an area for your dog so she'll have her own space and won't miss up your hard work. Thanks for visiting my site and i'm going to grab your button i'm following you on twitter etc. i'm a social stalker

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