Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mommy’s Theory Thursday

Normally I would list a few theories bouncing around in my head but today I’m taking a new route.


Today I'm gonna take a physics law and prove it wrong.


That is Newton’s first law of gravity, what goes up must come down.


Well hello!! No that isn’t always the case, well at least not yet for something. I recently ran into someone I knew years ago. I won’t mention how or where I know them from, only because if they happen to find me to read this they will know who they are and others won’t. Plus maybe it will open their eyes if they do.

So here it goes, what proves this law wrong is “her nose”!! It has been so far up in the air since the first time we met, and STILL is. Even though life has crashed around her, and I do mean life, because as she is talking I’m like holy crap!! Every possible thing that could go wrong for her or her family, it has happened. You would think that somehow or something would have eventually brought that nose down, that she wouldn’t still be so stuck up. How can she think she is so much better than everyone else? Doesn’t she know that maybe a little humility or a little compassion for others might just change her luck, or better yet make her feel good?

She was appalled it seemed by the life I had chosen. I am so proud to say I’m a sahsm (stay at home stepmom), I have my own home business, and just one more test to go to be a volunteer EMT in my community. I pride myself that I’ve chosen a life of service or assistance to others, rather than walk on top of them. I once again was beneath her standards.

Frankly I could care less what she thinks of me, and in all honesty I pity her. Life is suppose to be tough, hard, but in no way defeating. If she doesn’t figure a way to make gravity work on her nose she will get no where. It breaks my heart to see others like her snubbing someone because that person leads a life they don’t want, so in return they won’t associate with them. You never know what type of person your gonna meet next so keep an open mind. That person that you think is beneath you may in fact be the one person who could improve or impact your life in a way you would otherwise think unimaginable.

Take for example that new show Undercover Boss on CBS, where the corporate heads are going undercover in their own business’s in the lowest ranking jobs. Treat others with respect and you will get far. I watched the Waste Management one where this one girl and her family were struggling to get by. She was doing the work of three people if not more. She was courteous to the boss, she even invited him over for dinner with her family, truly believing he was new to town. He in return made sure she got a raise, made sure she was able to hire others to help her with all the activities she was doing at work, just because she didn't look down on him. She had no clue who it was and because of her actions she in the end was better off.

I hope you will sit back and take a look at how you treat others. Bring back the age old Golden Rule, “treat others the way you want to be treated”. This wisdom of the ages hasn’t been taught to us for us to “turn our noses up” at, its’ got a basis and plenty of good reasons to back it up. I challenge you have you been mistreating someone or others for something? Try changing it and see what happens.




Alexis AKA MOM said...

Amen to that! So many times forget this rule, if only you think before you speak. It can make a world of difference :). GREAT post

Val said...

Stopping by for the UBP.

I like your sense of humor!!!

haha, hope all is well thank you for stopping by
Val @

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