Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What I meant to say Wednesday

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So here’s my edition, only it’s not what I meant to say, it’s what I’m sure my hubby wanted to say.

There is a little setting it up for ya so you understand why he said it. My hubby has one of those “white man afro’s”, so he let’s me cut his hair. You know the type where it’s so curly even if I don’t have all the hair’s cut to the exact same length no one is even going to notice. So ok I’m getting there just hold on to your horses mouses mice. So I’m all done cutting the fro-age and we are now onto shaving the back, the neck part. Yeah I said shave, come on we are a house of girls (even both dogs) why would I buy a set of buzzers just for this little part on him.

Anywho he is sitting there and says, “I wish we could have eyes in the back of our heads.” I’m like ok, “why?” All he says is, “ I don’t know, just because I guess.”

When I’m sure what he meant to say was. “Because then I could cut my own hair and shave my own neck so that I’m not sitting on pins and needles the whole time as you are bouncing around my head talking my ear off and coming at me with all those sharp utensils. Who knows when you will slip, trip, get pissed, or any other means or way that some how you manage to cut, poke, stick, or jab me. I’m really dreading the time when I’ll have to call 911 because I was only getting a hair cut. I cherish my blood and life to much to keep letting you do this!!”

That’s what I think he was gonna say but decided to bite his tongue instead.



Hissyfits & Halos said...

I cut my husband's hair when it's not motorcycle season. He never holds anything back, so I couldn't create any kind of WIMTS out of the haircut deal.
He complains a LOT about how long it takes me. But, I remind him that he wants it PERFECT, and perfect takes time.
Not to mention, I have a weird thing about other women washing my mans hair. ;)
Glad you stopped by, today. I'm so glad I found your blog! :)

Hugs, Darla

Chief said...

seriously, my boys and the hubs are the biggest bawl babies when it comes to me cutting their hair...

ouch!... stop!

gimme a break!


Thanks for playing!

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