Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kid’s amaze me!! Do your kids know who to call?

I find it so awesome what kids can learn these days. Especially when they are so young. Being in the healthcare field myself, growing up in a family who was, and now that my hubby and I are both active in EMS it has always been teach the kids 911. We have been teaching it to the girls since they were probably three. They love going to the station and seeing the ambulances and fire trucks. So why not teach them why its important to call 911 when someone needs help.


So when you ask my girls what number do you call when someone needs help. They will reply 911. Ask them who comes when you call 911. They will reply fire, ambulance, and the cops. They know all of this and they are only 4. How awesome is that?


So the other day on the news i see this story about a 7 year old boy declared a hero when he not only grabs his sister and locks him and her in the bathroom but calls 911. His parents were being held at gunpoint in their own home. He says his mom taught him everyday what to do. Good for them!!

Here’s the story. If you want to check it out.

Then again a while back a three year old, yes only three, saves his grandma when she was sick by calling 911. He even locked their dog in the back bedroom so it wouldn’t get out, and let the police and paramedics in when they got there.

Here’s that story.

Or how about this bilingual 11 year old who translated for rescuers in a bus crash where most of the injured only spoke Spanish. They said he stayed calm through the whole thing.

Here’s that story.

I’m more than excited that for well over a year when you ask the girls what they want to be the story hasn’t changed.

Toughie wants to be a firefighter, just like daddy, which doesn’t surprise me one bit. She’s always been rough and tough and daddy’s little girl.



On the other hand Queen B wants to be a cop. In a way not to surprising either since she is such a hellion troublemaker   stickler for breaking the rules. Not a day goes by that she isn’t getting corrected for something. She may be the queen but certainly no princess.

police badge 


They even have rain jackets already for their future professions. Which once it’s warm enough there will be pictures of those later, I’ll make sure of it.  All in all I am more than happy about what they have chosen to do and especially if they stick with it. Takes real heart to become a cop, firefighter, EMS personnel, even service members. Who else do you know that willingly puts their lives in danger or on hold to help others when they need it. I certainly know first hand what it’s like being a wife of one, and now becoming one myself. Now if they choose other professions I wouldn’t love or support them any less. Then again they are only 4 so time will tell.



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