Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thusday 13 -- Vegas Baby (Lot's of Pic's)

So not to sure I’m doing this right but here goes nothing.

Come on over and play in all the wild and crazy games at Meg and Amber’s B-Day blog.

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So this weeks Thursday 13 is I get to go to Vegas too!!!!

I have only my ticket there and back, I have to plan everything else.

So reservations would include all of the following:

1. First we will stay at the Bellagio hotel. I’ve always wanted to see these fountains in real life.

2. We will go to dinner Friday night at Todd English’s Olives. Meat, seafood, and pasta you can’t go wrong.

3. Transportation will be a limo of course if we need to go anywhere that we can’t walk to (ie: #13).

4. Gotta gamble gamble gamble. Can’t go to Vegas and not lose money.

5. Have to go to Coyote Ugly, why wouldn’t you.

6. Have to have girl fun and see the Chippendales. DUH!!

7. Wouldn’t be a trip in Vegas with out some shows. So of course Blue Man Group.

8. Penn and Teller magic show and comedy.

9. Have to catch a Cirque du Soleil show.

10. Jean Philippe Pastry in the Bellagio only because I’m a chocoholic!!

11. Find the biggest buffet there is for dinner on Saturday. We will be starving. I love me some crab legs!!!

12. Of course by now we will definitely need to visit the spa.

13. Just before a big day of non stop SHOPPING!!!

Sounds like a never ending blast to me!!!! (hope I did it right)

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Amber said...

Sounds good to me! :)

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