Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Thirteen!

Amber and Meg are having a big BIG party all month long for their birthday. Come join in the fun!!!

Here's this weeks: Thursday Thirteen

Happy Birthday to you! Today is your birthday (maybe not really, but we’re pretending here!!) All of your friends & family have pitched in to throw you a birthday party.

What are Thirteen Gifts you wish you would receive on your birthday?

They can be for others or yourself – and they can have whatever value (money, sentimental, etc) that you wish. They can be within reasonable reach or they can be completely out of this world – the decision is yours, as it is your birthday!

So here's my 13 wishes:

  1. To be able to provide all my family wants.

  2. A miracle to get pregnant

  3. To see every country in the world.

  4. To have a new vehicle.

  5. To see there be a cure for pancreatic cancer.

  6. To live a long happy life.

  7. To be able to provide and take care of my parents when the time comes.

  8. A vacation ASAP

  9. A full time live in Maid

  10. A professional chef.

  11. To get in shape.

  12. To always have the feeling of first falling in love with my hubby.

  13. To be able to help anyone who needs it.

If ya haven't yet come play along!!!

1 comment:

Amber said...

Thanks for Playing! :)

I too would love a vacay asap!

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