Monday, March 1, 2010

Can’t believe class is almost over.

Since November I’ve been taking an EMT class as previously noted in an earlier post. Only 7 more sessions!! YAY!!

As more time has gone on I’ve come to the conclusion that it hasn’t really been that bad. Of course I’m still crying and ragging on the hubby “Why oh why did you convince me TO DO THIS!!” Only because of course he doesn’t need to know I’m actually becoming an adrenaline junky just like him.

That pager goes off, the heart jumps, ears open, I’m running, “Race ya to the car!”. All I have to say is thank heavens for zip up boots. Plus even though I wish we had a garage, I don't think the hubby or I for that matter could wait for the door to be up before pulling out. That probably would be rather costly in the long run.

What I’m not liking is trying to cram in homework that I’m waaayyyy behind on, and clinical time which takes away 5 more 8 hour chunks of my days. Only 4 more to go for me before March 17th.

The sad part of class ending is the new friends. We already knew one in our class before we started, but I have to say I’ve grown rather fond of the other 5 too. Although on most days I could think other wise on one. (You know who ya are Dr. T LOL) This love hate thing we have had in class is rather exhausting. However it makes the 4 hours a night twice a week plus one 8 hour Saturday a month fly right by when your having a good time.

Plus even though it’s winter I’m probably going to miss that 45 minute drive to and again from class with only the hubby and I in the car. Yes I said it! It’s kind of nice having us time even if it’s only a car ride.

The fun part will be after we are done, have passed our national test, gotten our license’s, we will have a new thing to fight about. A race to the door for who gets to go when the pager goes off and who gets to stay home with the girls. Guess I better start working on a path of nothing breakable by the door.

Well instead of sitting here writing so much more I should probably do homework before class. That would be a novel idea. Now if only I knew where I put my books.


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