Monday, March 1, 2010

Let’s try this again….

So here I am again.

I’m gonna try this blogging thing one more time. I love to read everyone else’s yet wonder day to day why I can’t ever find something to write. Wait, stop, back up, let me rephrase that. I write almost everyday in a journal, more therapeutic than anything else. However most of the time those things really shouldn’t be aired to the public. People would scream, arrests could be made, Government would cease to exist, countries would fall, ok maybe not that bad but still. Maybe someday I’ll make an anonymous blog and air it that way. That would require though I get the hang of this one.

I’m really trying to get organized, focused, back on track. The last few months have been pretty rough. Life around here has gotten so out of controlled chaos. I personally have never ever been an organized person, yet have tried several times to create order in this life house of mine and have failed miserably. I’m almost done with class, and what a whirlwind of an adventure that has been. I still kick the hubby in the a** butt for convincing me to take it with him. No regrets, although I keep waving my magic wand for my homework to do itself. Hasn’t worked yet but I can hope.

Technology has really bit us in the royal behind in February so I’m really glad that month is finally over. My computer crashed, then my modem bit the dust once the computer was fixed. I tell you internet withdrawals are not much fun. Then for what reason possessed my hubby to touch my phone still eludes me but of course follow suit he drops it and it breaks. Thank heavens for him, after a complete melt down and chewing of that old rear of his, the phone was still under warranty and was replaced for nothing. WHEW. So then to top the month off and go out with a BANG literally. Our pilot in our furnace decided to blow up! Yes I said blow up! So thankful however it was just the pilot and not the whole furnace but waking up to a house at 50 degrees was not a great way to start a day. Especially when I feel this is the coldest winter we have had that I can remember. So my lovely hubby got to leave to go to work and I had to sit here bundled in ten layers of clothes for hours waiting for the repair guy. By the time he got here at 11 am it was close to 40 in the house. Then after a chunk of money handed to him, new part put in, him reassuring me that it didn’t affect any other part of the furnace, I got my heat back. Well finally 4 hours later the house was at least back up to the 60’s and I was back down to two layers or so.

I’m more than happy to say good bye to February may you take all your technology woes with you. As for you March, may you come in like a lion so we can get to the lamb quicker. I’m so tired of winter!!

Glad to be back and hope to keep a semi routine.

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