Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommy’s Theory Thursday.

So my whole intentions of this blog was to give you some insight in to how this twisted, messed up, most the time sarcastic mind of mine works. You may like what I write, you may not. All in all these are some of the messed up theories that often bounce around in my head. I’ve divided them out by category you could call it. So you will get a few every Thursday. So here it goes.


Today’s category is : Theories in a child’s mind.


Hand’s off only means wait till no one is looking.

Siblings are meant to be lookouts, partners in crime, sidekicks, and if all else fails the scapegoat.

Never admit guilt, always blame someone else. (refer to above)

If you don’t like dinner accidently spill your plate on the floor.

Crayons, Markers, Pens, and other writing utensils were made for writing on walls, floors, and everything else besides paper.

Every toy I own will fit under my bed.

Clothes must never make it into the hamper, however must be close enough to say I did it.

All books will have less pages when I’m done reading than when I got it.

Bed time is when we play the quietest.


Hope you enjoy. More to come next week.



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