Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another edition to the WIMTS!

Come join and play at Chief’s for “What I meant to say” on Wednesday’s!!!


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This one is more of a what I meant to do rather than meant to say so here goes nothing.


What I did over the last week was a whole lot of nothing.


I have been fighting a cold and it’s been driving me nuts. I have been trying to rest in between doing all my extra crap for class, trying to keep up with my work, and homework, and of course then being sidetracked by blogging, facebook, myspace, (yes I still have a myspace shocker I know) and of course the girls. So when I looked at my to do list for last week and nothing was marked off I sat there and just stared. 


What I meant to do last week was,

  1. Be totally caught up on work.
  2. Have all my homework caught up.
  3. Organize my desk. ( the whole thing including paperwork somehow that always gets left out )


Catch the reoccurring theme here?!?!?

Now that another week has gone by. Not only am I still behind on all that but now add the housework on top of that!


So now what I’m going to say is,



Get up off your butt and get away from the computer.  It is an evil vortex sucking you in to the inevitable black hole!!! Run from the facebook notifications. Who cares who poked you, commented, wrote, tagged, just run I tell ya, RUN!!

(wait I do care…)

Hey PAY attention!!! You have cleaning to do, homework your neglecting,

(oh crap one more week 20 chapters of homework to catch up *gulp*)

FOCUS!! You have work to do, those bills don’t pay themselves ya know. Now let’s move, move, MOVE!!!


Your Inner Major Payne!!


So with that said it’s off to class for me only one more week left. Can someone do my homework please??




Brittney said...

I am the EXACT same way.. in fact i have a midterm in an hour and i cant seem to get off the inet long enough to even look at my notes.. haha

mrs_muffins said...

Ha.. i'm stuck in the black hole and can't get out!


Chief said...

why is it we know the puter is making our life more hectic but we cant walk away!?

I know Im late <-----total loser

Thanks for playing I will do better next week

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