Monday, March 8, 2010

The girls lovely artwork… on their headboards.

So the other day it was to be nap time. Now my 4 year olds usually lay down still for at least 45 minutes, I know lucky me, usually. Well the other day it wasn’t lucky me. I really do love the fact they are learning to write however this is not the place to be writing with markers. View exhibits A and B.


A is Toughie’s bed before.


B is Queenie’s bed before.



Now they thought that it was so awesome. “See my name.” they both exclaimed, with the biggest grins on their faces. Oh I soooo wasn’t happy. All over their headboards, pillow cases, sheets, yeah everywhere. I strip the bed’s and throw them in the washer and of course I go to the bathroom and get some wash cloths and get my cleaner. Which I totally love all of them, even my laundry soap. They are all chemical free, so guess what the girls can clean up their artwork!! After many gripes and groans, and a lecture from me that you don’t write on the walls, the furniture, or anything that is not paper for that matter they finally got them clean. If I was thinking I would have taken pic’s of the before on the sheets too but didn’t think that fast. Anyway check it out!! Exhibits C and D.


C is Toughie’s.



D is Queenie’s.



All clean and back to normal. With two excited kids too!! Only because the beds went back to the way they should be. So lesson learned right? Well yeah only because the next day I go to my desk to catch them now writing on my work papers.

So I guess I didn’t need this one.



All in all it was a glorious weekend. I’m more than happy they are learning to write, just wish they would do it on the papers and notebooks we had bought for THEM. My walls and desk need a break.



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