Friday, March 12, 2010

“Tribute to the 80’s, well 1983 the year I graced this world!!”

Come play along at Amber and Meg’s B-day Celebration Blog!!!!


The challenge was to make a tribute to the 80’s, because that’s when they were born. Well me too!! So I decided I’m going to make it as personal as I can since I was sooo young and make it all about the year that I graced this world which was 1983.

So I've highlighted several big things that happened in that year and in various categories. Some are in chronological order, and others are just in there.

First my absolute Favorite!!!! My obsession as a kid, so the biggest thing for me was that Cabbage Patch kids were released!!! Hence the fact they are top of the list in their absolute own category. Only because if I hadn’t said it yet I LOVE Cabbage patches. I have an original that I got when I was born and I drug that thing everywhere. Her name was Dana and she is beyond filthy loved. I even have a 10th anniversary one still in the package, as well as a 25th anniversary one that both I received on my corresponding birthdays. I have various others too that i received over the years.The girls have even gotten them too. A set of Cabbage Patch twins to boot. I also have a pillow that has the Copyright year of 1983 on it. Whether it was company made or homemade I don’t really know.


( I would have had pics of Dana too but when I checked the Link up tonight it said it was over in 6 hrs not on Friday at 5 :( so here is my 25th one )

So I will move on to other nifty or interesting things that came out, happened, or just caught my eye.

On TV we had:

January 15: Tom Brokaw becomes the host of NBC Nightly News.

Seems like he did that a lot longer.

January 23 : "A-Team" with Mr. T premieres on NBC

March 2 : Final episode of M*A*S*H; 125,000,000 viewers. Advertising cost more than during the Super Bowl that year, and surpassing the record Dallas set for most viewers.

I remember watching this with my grandma every afternoon. I loved that show.


May 10 : "Laverne and Shirley," last airs on ABC-TV

December 25 : 1st live telecast of Christmas Parade

Film and Entertainment:

January 2 : "Annie" closes at Alvin Theater New York City after 2,377 performances.

I watched this movie as a kid over and over and over.

February 26 : Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album goes to #1 and stays #1 for 37 weeks

You can watch the whole video here.

May 25 : "Return of the Jedi" (Star Wars 3) released

I have never, and many find that odd, never sat down and watched these movies.

September 16 : Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes a U.S. citizen

And he is a governor???


March 2 : Compact Disc recordings developed by Phillips and Sony introduced

And now are almost obsolete. What are 45’s again??

Microsoft Windows was announced November

Now we have version 7, after how many in-between?

Camcorders are introduced

And once again are basically unheard of.

Hackers invade sensitive military computers such as Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Ha Ha, and I bet it still happens.

In sports we had:

January 3 : Tony Dorsett sets NFL record with 99-yd rush, Dallas vs Minnesota

January 4 : U.S. Football League holds its 1st player draft

January 22 : Houston is 1st NBA team to be held scoreless in an overtime Portland Trail Blazers out score them 17-0 and win 113-96

February 8 : Wayne Gretzky sets NHL all star record of 4 goals in 1 period

April 27 : Nolan Ryan becomes strikeout king (3,509), passing Walter Johnson

I at one point had a baseball card of him funny how we lose things.

May 13 : Reggie Jackson is 1st major leaguer to strike out 2,000 times

Oh that had to suck!! Wall of shame:


May 26 : Los Angeles Lakers set NBA playoff game record of fewest free throws

December 13 : 9,655 see highest-scoring NBA game: Detroit 186, Denver 184 (3 OT)

Wooot wooot Detroit!!! Yeah I live in Michigan!!

Misc things I found interesting were:

January 3 : The Time magazine nominates the personal computer as the "machine of the year", the first non-human ever nominated. In the current issue, Time Magazine names "The Computer" as the 1982 Man of the Year. In their corresponding issue, Business Week also covers personal computers, proclaiming IBM the winner.

I’d say definitely a change in times where they couldn’t find someone to write on rather something.

February 11 : 4th largest snowfall in New York City history (18"(46 cm))

I bet that was more than doubled even tripled this year alone.

April 1st : The first Hooter's opened in Clearwater, Florida by six fun-loving businessmen with no experience in the restaurant industry. Their company Hooters Inc. was based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The casual beach-theme establishments feature "50s & '60s jukebox music, sports on television, and a menu that includes seafood, sandwiches, salads and spicy chicken wings. Hooters is mainly famous for their waitresses who wear orange shorts and T-shirts with the Hooters Logo.

What food do they serve again??

April 7 : Oldest human skeleton, aged 80,000 years, discovered in Egypt.

Was it under a pyramid? Guess they couldn’t move that rock alone.

June 18th : Sally Ride becomes first American woman in space on the Challenger.

No longer does NASA have Gender Boundaries on their tiny space shuttles, why do the much bigger submarines???

October 11 : Last hand-cranked telephones U.S. went out of service as 440 telephone customers in Bryant Pond, Maine, were switched over to direct-dial.

Which I find amusing only because I grew up with, and it still is hanging in my parents house. See an old crank phone.


"Just Say No" is the new tool to combat growing drug use in the US.

Didn’t work did it??

Last DeLoreans produced

The awesome back to the future car.

delorean1 delorean2

Fake Hitler diaries surface.

As fake as the mustache??

French scientist Dr. Luc Montagnier discovered HIV.

Another WTF moment, I don’t want to know how.

So now that I have been shorted a day to work on this in my busy schedule because of the Linky on the site (I’m not complaining, just pointing out I needed to travel for more pictures) This is all you will get from me. Hope it gave you some insight in what the year I was born in 1983 brought to our life today. Plus what we lost as well. Looking forward to next weeks challenge.



Amber said...

huh I'll have to check that link cause it should end on friday at 5.

Lisa said...

Was I the only one that did not get into cabbage patch dolls..ok and Oka. I had two babies then so that might be why.
I loved Laverne and Shirley!

Tammy said...

What great flashbacks! You are such a young thing girl...I graduated from HS in 84! I am your new follower! :) Thanks for coming by and following too. Love the colors on your blog!

Housewife Bliss said...

I am with Tammy, I am loving your blog, but leaving feeling like an old timer. I remember all of those things very well. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Fat, Female and Forty said...

You speak of things that I remember well! I graduated at the time of all these things, but please don't hold that against me. I still behave exactly the same - it's just my body that's aging. So think of me as a big sister that you can turn to anytime - cause remember I got lots of advice! Ha! Darn darlin' blog! I put you on my side bar so I can visit often!

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