Friday, November 5, 2010

Ecostore USA Review

Are you on the Green wagon? Well you should be. More and more studies are showing our exposure to everyday products containing chemicals we thought were safe are actually exactly the opposite. Just take the word chemical does that sound like something you want on your skin? I didn't think so.

I however was dealt a hand where I was forced to look for something else. I have several skin allergies to things such as bleach, fabric softner, and others. My choices for clean clothes especially were limited. I was then introduced to Ecostore USA by believe it or not a local mom here in my area. The best part of Ecostore USA is that they are located right here in Michigan where I live.

I was sent the Pure Oxygen Whitener and a Body Wash from Ecostore USA to try out. Now with my closet the only white items are mostly my socks. They were not very white for long after I got them. That has all changed now. Just a wash with the whitener and they are back to looking like I just bought them. Plus the heavenly sent of the Coconut and Vanilla body wash was definately refreshing everyday.

If you haven't had a reason to jump on the green wagon you do now. Ecostore USA is available on the website, PLUS select products are at my local Meijers.

*I was sent these products for review. No other compensation was received.*

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Fat, Female and Forty said...

Hey! Where'd you go? If you're having an identity crisis....I may be able to help. If not, I hope you're having fun!

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